• The Golden Rule

    As a Christian I believe in god so I as many other religions believe a rule more or less do as you would be done by. An example of this is 'Thou shall not kill' (one of the 10 commandments). Without this rule their could be lots more crime. Religion teaches us the difference from good and bad and that is almost a law. Almost all the world has a religion so should follow this. This means more right actions will be done so In theory create a good moral society

  • Religion was what created morals.

    As what these other people are saying, morality does not stem from religion. Many of these people do not know, that our society values stem from religion. In fact, as atheism rises and religion lowers, our society values drop. In example, one hundred years ago, when people were more religious, elements within our media, would have been disgusting. In conclusion, religion is the cause of religion.

  • Where Else COULD Morality Come From?

    I believe strongly in the existence of God, and I don't believe that mankind couldn't have survived without help from Him. I believe God told us what to do, how to survive, how to drink water, where to find it, what to eat, etc. I also believe that God also told us the differences from bad and good. Not just any ape could tell the difference if murder was good or bad, or if rape was good or bad. Yes.

  • Religion came from God, so yes.

    Being a Christian, I understand the evils of the world. We all give in to sin, we all fall, and we all fail.
    Children are good examples. They have not yet defined their beliefs and act on nature rather than what is right. Children are taught to act a certain manner, it is not a natural state that a kid comes into the world knowing what is right and wrong; just as an animal does not have a bit of compassion for a member of its own species, it thinks of the other as a competitor and not as a friend.
    Man by nature does not choose to be moral, we would rather choose to run around and sleep with every woman before settling with a partner. We would rather murder our rival than choose to love him. We would prefer lying than to tell the truth. BUT religion tells us to do otherwise. It tells us to be patient and faithful, withholding our bodies from giving in. It tells us to not only love our enemies but care for them, go the extra mile to change their lives. It tells us to defeat the evil within and become better than good but perfect.

  • Please do not post my earlier statement. . .

    I read the quote, Agreed with it, Voted 'Yes, ' and made my argument. THEN I saw that your question was the reverse of the quote. Obviously I disagree with your question, But I also disagree with your bizarre stratagem of posting a quote, Then asking if the opposite is true. Post something, Then ask if people agree or disagree - that'd be logical and moral. . .

  • Morality is defined within one's own head, By one's conscience

    Slavery, Mixed-marriages, Females voting, Child labor, Ad infinitum were all legal, And mostly backed by religion. They were ALWAYS immoral, However. Legality cannot define morality, Neither can religion. Atheists tend to be far more moral than religious folks, As we recognize that we make our own heaven or hell; we do not await redemption or justification in the afterlife. . .

  • Natural law is cruel.

    I happen to be both religious and accept many concepts from Darwin. Based on Darwinian natural law, survival of the fittest will prevail. Of course societies and groups will form in order to ensure mutual safety and they will create their own laws in order to benefit the society, but between groups, it is only natural to use slavery, war, rape, pillaging etc in order to benefit your group. Religion is what started the whole concept of morality. That doesn't mean that atheist cannot be moral people, rather religion created the moral standards which have become absolute in society.

  • Its influence on society

    Another reason why I believe that religion creates a morality is that, religion promotes the well fare of people, Religion teaches to the people to serve the masses and promote their welfare. It gives message that "the service to humanity is service to God". For this reason, people spend money to feed poor and needy. Great religions like Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity etc. put emphasis on aim-giving to the poor and beggars. “No religion on earth preaches the dignity of humanity in such a lofty strain as Hinduism, and no religion on earth treads upon the necks of the poor and the low in such a fashion as Hinduism.”―Swami Vivekananda. With the influence of religious belief different religious organizations engage themselves in various welfare activities. Like spreading of education and opening up many charitable institutions like hospitals, rest houses, temples and to help the poor. In this way religion allow us to provide things for the poor, injured and vulnerable that the law system fails us in.

  • Religion has to have morality, morality does not have to have religion.

    Religion always has morality in it, but morality does not always need religion. Morality is basically the knowing of what is right and what is wrong, and does not necessarily have to be created by or be a part of religion. In conclusion, religion is what morality created and not the other way around.

  • Religion preaches punishment, not morality.

    I'm 25 and I've never been to church a day in my life. Religious people find this strange because I'm such a nice, thoughtful and moral individual. I was simply taught as a child that it's wrong to hurt people by my parents. My dad went to church when he was young and didn't like it because, to him, it taught violence towards difference and indifference, regardless of social injustice. I was raised by people, not religion, and people, without religion, showed me how to be moral. If you need a fear of punishment to be a good person then you are just a bad person with underhanded goals.

  • Morality Created Religion

    I believe that morality is what created people to believe in religion. Humans are what created social rules and manners since the beginning of man. By taking on social practices and developing our own rules, religion was then born. How can religion create morality when there are many religious groups out there, such as atheists?

  • Humans Created Religion and Morality

    Humans created religion and morality, even though God or some universal spirit still exists. Humans need some basis for existing and some moral code by which to live. Morals vary from one society to the next, and many of them are based on religious texts that go back thousands of years. God may have created humans, but how we deal with that God (known as religion) was created in our own, frail, human heads.

  • Human Nature

    Religion did not create morality. If one thinks about it, morality comes from the social aspect of a human being, his "instinct" or "nature" to be with others. of course, if one of a human's aspects is threatened, one will choose to protect it. Morality is knowing what is good and what is bad. you want what's good for you, and because of your social aspect, you want what is good for your friends and family.

  • No certainly not

    And anyone that believes a murdering thug of a God is moral a quick perusal of the "book of babble "will sort them out.
    Man had there own morality before any of these dreadful religions imposed there doctrines on them.To survive in a group we have to look after and protect each other otherwise the group will cease to exist , early man figured this out quickly that by playing his part in maintaining the core values of the group him and his family survived .

  • No.

    Religion did not create morality. Morality either does or doesn't exist in all of us and isn't triggered by something as structured as religion. If anything religion is used as a crutch for those without morality to still feel as part of a society where they are accepted. All they have to do is abide by the regulations of the religion and they are accepted into a group of people that might not have anything to do with morality.

  • Morality is natural

    Social animals have morality, if you catch Fido(not a puppy) taking a leak on the carpet you better believe he knows he isnt supposed too, but he may well be spiting you for not playing with him, guess what thats morality at work. You play with him he respects the rules you put in place.

  • There is proof of moral codes first.

    Recent discoveries show that early hunter-gatherer societies in fact had rules and codes, baring in mind this was way before the emergence of religion. From this we can safely say that moral codes out date religion. The fact that humanity survived to witness the emergence of religion just about proves my point.

  • No Religion did not create Morality

    I do not believe that religion created morality. Not to attack Christianity, but within this religion their are things that even Christians themselves consider immoral. Their were plenty of figures in history who predate a lot of religions who have created morals. One man being Confucius. Another man being the Buddha. Whether you believe these men were real or a collection of people the fact still remains they had a hand in created morals. I believe morals was created with the birth of society.

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