Did RIAA go too far when they claimed damages against LimeWire totaling $75 trillion?

  • It actually devalues their claim

    By picking to sue for a number greater than total global GDP in 2015, the RIAA just seems absurd in their valuation of their product. If you want to keep the attention of the general public, and win support of jurors and judges, it seems like the best thing to do would be to remain realistic in what you ask for.

  • The RIAA goes too far in its claim against LimeWire

    The RIAA went too far in its $75 trillion claim for damages against LimeWire. Although LimeWire was found guilty of copyright infringement and should have to pay monetary damages, this amount is way too much. The GDP of the entire United States is about $14 trillion.As the federal judge Kimba Wood noted, the entire GDP of the world is less than the $75 trillion.

  • They make themselves look foolish

    Considering that I believe that's more US dollars than are in existence (M3 is no longer published), I think the RIAA makes a pretty bad claim here. Especially against a site that was always second-fiddle to Napster and was quickly shutdown by the same forces that forced Napster to go dark. The phony accounting the industry uses to calculate damages has to change before people will even consider taking them seriously.

  • Artists should perform for money.

    Artists should have to perform concerts for money. Anymore, people expect to be able to enjoy an artist's work before they decide to spend money on a concert ticket. There is no way for RIAA to prove what their damages were against Limewire. They are just looking for deep pockets.

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