• Yes, he did.

    I know he had a huge scandal and all of that but in my mind, Richard Nixon was one of the last real Republicans. He actually cared about people and the wages they made. He liked unions. He was for improving social security and medicare and getting health care to all.

  • Yes, NIxon did some positive things for America.

    I believe that Richard Nixon had some positive effects on America during his presidency. While Richard Nixon's scandal and impeachment due to the Watergate scandal is something that he will always be known for, I think that he was able to sign a few policies that benefited the United States of America.

  • Nixon had some Positive Effect

    Of course he had some positive effect on America, despite Watergate. For one thing, he got us out of Viet Nam. The 55 mph speed limit, which he instituted because of the oil embargo, brought traffic fatalities down so much that after gas was available again it remained for decades. He was a more common sense conservative, despite his dishonesty in other areas.

  • President Nixon is remember for the Watergate scandal, but he was responsible for some good things during his presidency which helped end our involvement in a war, and possibly stopped other conflicts from occuring.

    Richard Nixon is responsible for helping to reduce tensions between China and the USSR. He got the Russian leader to limit nuclear weapons. He successfully ended America's involvement in Viet Nam and brought soldiers home. His Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, negotiated agreements between Israel and it's opponents, Egypt and Syria.

  • He was bad and mean

    He looked funny and he also looks a little scary and that scares me and he was republican and democrats are superior #Hillary for president because she is a women and nothing else, also Richard Nixon is a weird name so no he did not have any positive uhh stuff on people or society

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