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  • No One Deserves to be Diss by others

    Funny how so many people want to judge others or rank on them for their actions or beliefs, even if its been years since such actions. Some could say that what ASAP did if fine because it was in song and Rita Ora along with her fans have to have a thicker skin. But think about something we never know who is listening or reading the scathing stuff we say or do. Is it really wise to thrash someone, it could give the wrong person the wrong ideas.

  • No, Rita Ora did not deserve A$AP Rocky's diss.

    No, Rita Ora did not deserve A$AP Rocky's diss. A$AP Rocky should have taken the high road and kept his personal feelings to himself instead of trying to make money off of his relationship (or lack thereof) with Rita Ora. The type of language used in his diss only perpetuates the idea of women as "less than", especially in the rap/hip-hop world.

  • Celebrity disses have gotten old

    Rita Ora did not deserve the diss. This is because men need to have more respect for others. Whether a person is in the field of science, hip-hop, or a Hollywood star, they need to keep their insults to themselves. Celebrity disses have gotten old. People known they are usually done for attention.

  • A$AP Rocky has some apololgizing to do

    Rita Ora did not deserve the pitiful treatment from A$AP Rocky. Vengeance is best served cold, but I, for one, would like to see it served fresh and hot. Attitudes like that do nothing to improve things, and A$AP Rocky needs to be taught a lesson on how to treat others.

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