Did Rob Ford actually smoke crack cocaine (yes) or is the video just a fake (no)?

Asked by: theman123
  • Rob ford has admitted it

    In a recent press conference, Rob Ford was asked by the media whether or not he has consumed illegal drugs. He confirmed, saying that he wasn't an addict, but he did consume drugs in one of his "drunken stupors", which is not really an excuse for smoking drugs, especially if you are the mayor who runs the biggest city in Canada and have the responsibility to clear drugs off the streets.

  • Was just confirmed

    I know this is likely a bit older, but just thought I'd mention that Ford came out just today and basically said "yup, I smoked some bad ass boulders". The funny part is more to do with his excuse as to why, you'd figure the crack would be bad enough but he essentially came out and said "dude, I honestly wasn't at fault here, I was so completely hammered off my head I didn't know what the hell was going on". Classic...I smoked crack but it's seriously not my fault, I was drunk as hell so it's the liquors fault.

  • Yes. He did.

    Do I believe he has smoke crack cocaine? Yup.
    Does that make me disappointed? Yup.
    Am I going to stop supporting him? Nope.
    For Pete's sake guys, as he said himself, just because he has taken crack cocaine doesn't make him a crack addict. Since when has the media NOT blown a story out of proportion?

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