Did Ronaldo deserve to win Fifa player of the year?

  • Career Resurgence While Messi Down

    Cristiano Ronaldo had a career resurgence in 2013 while Lionel Messi had a down year with some injury problems. FIFA's Player of the Year award will ping pong back and forth between both players for the next five years as long as both Messi and Ronaldo are, without question, the two best footballers in the world.

  • He took his chance well

    Although Messi is the better player of the two in the larger picture, you simply can't hand the award to someone has been unfit and absent for a large part of the season. Also whilst Ribery did win more trophies than either of them that year this is an individual award on merit. Bayern Munich have a whole team deserving of recognition not just a sole person. Ronaldo had stayed fit and scored many goals for his club. Admittedly he didn't win enough trophies but you can't doubt his effort. He worked hard for it and it's very much well deserved. Well done Ronaldo

  • Yes, he is dominant.

    Yes, Ronaldo deserved to win Fifa player of the year, because his play has the greatest impact. Ronaldo has won the award before. He is a Portugese superstar and a legend in his sport. His ball-handling skills are dynamic, and he makes the others on his team work together in a way that makes them successful. He is a true leader and deserved the award.

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