• Rumer and Val's Foxtrot was absolutely flawless.

    In Rumer's initial appearance on DWTS, she was visibly nervous, which detracted from her performance. Throughout the season, however, she showed consistent improvement in both technical skills and artistic presentation. She and Val completely earned their perfect 40 score with their beautiful Foxtrot to Hozier's "Take Me to Church", and they were off like a shot from there on out. The season culminated in a sexy foxtrot/paso doble fusion finale that cemented Rumer's spot as champion.

  • Yes, Rummer Willis deserved to win "Dancing With the Stars."

    I believe that Rumer Willis deserved to win "Dancing With the Stars." She is a graceful and beautiful dancer. Each week she just kept getting better and better. She would mesmerize the audience with her beautiful dance moves. She has so much grace and poise. She seemed to be a natural dancer.

  • Yes, Rumer Willis is the star of all stars of dance

    In my opinion, Rumer Willis was the epitome of what "Dancing With The Stars" looks for in the winner of their coveted mirror ball. She had next to no prior experience and was a thirsty open book when it came to absorbing Val Chmerkovskiy's teaching. She advanced amazingly not only in dance but overall as a person.

  • Blahblah just not the best and i can do without seeing her dance

    Same again again and repeat blahblah boring move along. Needs better coordination and not exciting to watch. Did get better along the way but not nearly the best. Can do without ol Rumor mill blahblah just not the best and i can do without seeing her dance. Repeat and another repeat

  • She doesn't deserve it

    Usually the winner of Dancing With The Stars is obvious, and even if it's not who everyone would have wanted, most people can acknowledge that it's at least plausible. Rumer Willis winning makes a bit of a mockery out of the whole thing. She just isn't talented enough, and doesn't make up for that lack with any kind of watchabillity or presence. One of the worst winners they've had.

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