Did Sachin made a good decision by retiring from cricket?

Asked by: josealways123
  • Yes, his body wore out.

    Yes, Sachin made a good decision by retiring from cricket, because his body wore out physically. An athlete cannot compete at the highest levels for an extended period of time without it taking a toll on their body physically. Sachin made a decision for his health and his future, after a successful career.

  • Yas sachin made good decision

    Sachin made a good decision to retire. You can find sachin name every foreigner and indian tongue. He get every bit of adulation and he get received. India's love for a 40 years old cricketer still burn bright, give him rest, give him piece, give him some time with his life and family.

  • Sachin was right to retire

    This is because he was nearing the end anyway. At the age of 41, after 25 years and 200 test matches, this was as good a time as any. For a few years now Sachin's skills have inevitably been reclining. However, being the hero that he is Sachin needed to go out with a bang, although a century would perhaps have been more apt, passing the landmark of 200 caps is a feat that will surely not be repeated for a very long time. This way, Sachin has gone out as a hero and will always be remembered as great by those billion Indians that worship him as a God.

  • Yes, He did.

    After 24 years of playing, after seeing his colleagues retire and start commentate him playing, I think he made the right decision. Personally, I love Sachin. His stroke play is awesome. Yet, he's been playing too long,. India's love for a 40 year old cricketer still burns bright, yet they need to get over the fact that Sachin was a good player, give him rest, give him peace, give him some time with his life and family.

    Retiring and being famous at the same time is a double edge sword. Although, he earned a lot of revenue from cricket alone, he should give space to the "young guns". Hell, he should teach them and become a mentor/coach. I would totally agree with that.

    Plus., from the flagrant, hideous and monopolise news channel "AJJ Tak", Sachin had the most betting on him, like 1000 crore rupees. That is something called illegal.

    I am glad he made his arduous career a great one. We all enjoyed him playing. Thank you Sachin for a lot of wonderful moments. Now retire in peace. And good luck with your life! :D

  • Middle order needs experience

    Dravid and Laxman have already retired. Sachin should have stayed a little bit longer to add experience to the middle order and help the younger guys. He could have retired a year later. He would then be 41 which would have been the right time. He should have continued to be a great player.

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