• Millennials Love Sanders

    As a Sanders supporter myself, I definitely believe that Sanders won due to the millennial vote. Because of websites that rally liberal millenials together, such as Tumblr, they're finally motivated to vote. Compared to a lot of the craziness that has been going on with the candidates, Sanders is like a beacon of hope to lots of people. Plus, Sanders is passionate about millennial causes, like lowering tax rates for the poor, and free college tuition, and minimizing student debt.

  • Yes, Millenials are his Main Supporters

    Millenials are the whole reason Bernie Sanders is even a presidential candidate. The "Bernie Bros", his main millennial supporters, spread positive words about him on social media, a huge platform for forming political views. Also, a lot of his issues focus on things millenials care about like education prices and legalizing marijuana, so they are the reason his votes were secured.

  • Millennial vote pulls Sanders close in Iowa

    Bernie Sanders nearly won Iowa due to the millennial vote. These younger votes are struggling financially, and Senator Sanders' message resonates. That generation has also seen the meltdown on Wall Street and their parents losing jobs and houses. Meanwhile, they perceive that the big financial firms have been bailed out.

  • I am confused

    Bernie Sanders lost in Iowa (barely). Why is this titled "Did Sanders Win in Iowa..."? However, I do believe that he did beat Hillary with the Millennial vote. With this said, we must not forget that Millennials are perceived as lazy, and I am sure that only a few passionate ones showed up to back Sanders.

  • Millenials were not the sole reason for Sanders Iowa success.

    Though Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has a very strong millenial backing, I do not believe his success in Iowa can be completely attributed to it. In my opinion a lot of voters of all ages view Sanders as the more passionate candidate when comparing him with Hilary Clinton. His vow that the rich will not continue to get richer also increases his appeal to the masses.

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