• Schumer calls it like he sees

    Schumer basically told Boehner that if he didn't think that Obama was good at enforcing laws, that they could do immigration reform and have it start for 2017 when Obama is no longer in office. He also pointed out that Obama has deported a lot of people. I think Schumer did call the bluff.

  • Schumer Made Boehner Admit He's Playing Chicken

    Speaker of the House John Boehner called out President Barack Obama when he said he didn't think immigration reform would happen this year or any year when Obama is in office. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., took Boehner to task when he suggested pass immigration reform now but don't let the law be enforced until 2017 when Obama's term is over. Boehner still said immigration reform wouldn't happen this year. So, Schumer caught the Speaker of the House in a bind--Boehner can't have it both ways. Schumer must be grinning that he caught the GOP in a game of knocking everything Obama suggests without even trying it.

  • Schumer Called Boehner's Bluff

    When it came to immigration, Boehnber tried to bluff his way to getting immigration reform passed. However, Schumer called his bluff and prevented that particular version of the bill from being brought up. Schumer played a smart tactic and took advantage of Boehner's ploy to gain some ground in immigration reform.

  • No real reform

    Nobody has called any bluff on immigration because there has not been any real reform recently. While people could always talk either in the Senate or just day to day about there being real changes in immigration, there really hasn't been a serious change in the policy in decades in the US.

  • They are working together.

    No, Schumer did not call Boehner's bluff on immigration, because the Republicans and the Democrats hardly disagree on the issue. Both sides readily agree that amnesty should happen. They are working behind closed doors to make that happen. However, the Republicans have to make it look like they disagree with amnesty, in order to keep their constituents happy, because many of them disagree. It is just political theater. There is no true disagreement.

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