Did second-wave feminism make men and women equal?

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  • This is easy.

    I agree with the other guy in everything. Also the military has been improved but not to the best. Woman still can't go in the navy therefor showing we are NOT equal. The feminism movement did make a big change but not enough to make us all equal. I need 2 more words so this sentence don't count :) thanks

  • Improvement but still a work in progress

    The social issues for women of the time were rooted in the media portrayal, role as mothers and wives, and domestic duties. Modern-day Women are still preferably the one to stay home with a child and take care of the house in modern day culture. This is not because most people believe this is the preferable order of things (as they did in the 1960’s), when family and work obligations collide, mothers remain much more likely than fathers to cut back or drop out of work.
    Another goal of feminists in the 1960’s was the personal equality among men. The ratio of 1 to 50 women worked as managers or high-standing importance. This shows that there has been improvements but the equality in jobs between men and women is still a work in progress.
    The 1960’s and 1970’s were known as the sexual revolution. Feminist’s during this time fought for equality in their sexuality to that among men. The progression of sexual contraception increased, but as the ideals of freedom in sexual relations did, a new problem of sexual morality was presented. Another sexual freedom feminists of the 1960’s wished to obtain was the freedom of choice for a women’s individual autonomy. The way they wanted to do this was through the idea of abortion. The feminists goal was to establish complete rights towards a woman’s body. The way they did this was to establish equality in the Supreme Court legalized abortion via Roe v. Wade in 1973. Roe established that the abortion right ". Must be considered against important state interests in regulation." (Roe v. Wade). This ideal of aborition rights did provide progress in making the idea of abortion known towards American people. But, the justification weather this ideal remains justified to American culture is still a political debate. The “pro-life” and “pro-choice” acts were set in place to argue both the rights of life after an unplanned pregnancy and the pro-choice act provides an opinion of rights to the female anatomy. Although the realization of abortion was brought to the attention of American people, The justification resulted in questionable moral behavior. Making the goals of feminists not obtained.
    Another goal second wave feminist hoped to achieve was to eliminate sexual harassment. Although the Studies show that when faced with a situation challenging sexual harassment rights, a women’s best option is to avoid it Still one of the largest challenges and conflicts among workplace.
    In conclusion, The Second wave-feminists set goals improving the equality of women and men while also eliminating the stereotypical views of women. The feminists brought forth many improvements in these issues, in the sense of social perspectives, and the economic equality and sexual rights. Although these were improvements, the feminists goal of complete equality is still a work in progress.

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