Did "Seinfeld" hate Jews (at least religious ones)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • "Seinfeld" has a bone to pick with Judaic followers

    Pardon me change that did the show hate Judaism. It seems to me that "Seinfeld" shows a contempt for religious Jews in a way similar to how people show a huge contempt for those who believe in segregation, and a contempt for the English and Danish empires. There is one episode where they made a mockery of Jews. It was "The Bris." The man in charge of the bris is shown in a rather despicable light. I'm surprised the Hasidic Jewish community didn't protest that episode.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Considering how many of the "Seinfeld" writers are Jewish -- more than half the team, at least -- it's no surprise the show would be rife with jokes about parents in Florida, girlfriends who keep kosher, Jewish singles events and even Nazis.
    After a top Jewish television executive reportedly dismissed the original pilot for "Seinfeld" as "too Jewish," NBC gave the show a second chance a year later, in 1990.

    Now, as Jerry and his sidekicks close their nine-year run atop the Nielsen charts, and as millions of devoted fans around the globe prepare to watch the show's final episode Thursday night, it is obvious that the characters' quirky witticisms and neurotic, oddball idiosyncrasies are not too Jewish for America.

  • No I don't think so.

    I have watched many episodes of Seinfeld and never seen any outright Jew hating going on. If there was any at all, it was just in fun. Most of the writers on Seinfeld are Jewish and I doubt they hated Jews. They may have poked fun at themselves but there was no hating going on.

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