Did Senator Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the first Democratic debates?

  • Yes: Feel the Bern

    Bernie Sanders understands what the people want AND what they need. Hillary is so disconnected, it's painful. She was essentially asked what makes her different from the other candidates and she copped out and played the woman card. I'm a woman-- that doesn't make me want to vote for her. Tell us how your policies and programs will be different. She's also just plain two-faced when it comes to big business and corporations. I feel like I can't believe a thing she says. Bernie Sanders tells it like it is. Feel the Bern.

  • Yes, Senator Bernie Sanders won over Hillary Clinton in the first Democratic debate.

    Bernie Sanders was the most talked about candidate on Facebook and other social media networking sites .He was voted as the favorite by the different polls run by the news networks. He was the one who has been liked by the public when compared to Hillary Clinton. So, Bernie Sanders was the one who won the debate.

  • Bernie Sanders a Clear Winner

    Despite the fact that Hillary has had years in honing her craft of becoming president, and would probably make a better president, when it comes to the debate, there is no doubt that Bernie Saunders is the real winner. Not only were his arguments sound, he was able to support them with relevant facts.

  • Bernie Sanders was bested by Hilary Clinton

    Hilary Clinton dominated the discussions in the first democratic debate. She had a lot more speaking time than Sanders, and there was also a lot of questions that Sanders was unable to answer and he simply had no words to say. Overall he had a far less dominant presence in the talks.

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