Did "Smash" director Michael Morris cheat on his wife, Mary McCormack, with Katharine McPhee?

  • Yes. Reliable sources can't be wrong.

    Yes. According to recent reports, there are photos of Michael Morris kissing Katharine McPhee. It isn't every day that a director is brought into the spotlight for false Hollywood drama. The reason for this, is that no one really cares what someone behind the camera is doing. With this story, there are reliable sources and alleged photos. That is more than enough to say that he probably did cheat on his wife, and that is a shame.

  • Nothing but gossip!

    This is yet another tiny bit of gossip being drummed up by the press. Any time the paparazzi catches a glimpse of a married or involved celebrity talking to anyone else, they immediately start on the whole, "are they cheating", "is it over", "an affair" thing. Until the people themselves say their marriage is over, it isn't!

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