Did Snowden make the right call when he fled the U.S.?

  • Safety is vital

    If someone fears there safety, i strongly believe very little should come before the concerns of someones well-being, if he fled in believe that his safety was compromised his "call" was correct

    I would continue on with this argument but i believe some of the best arguments are short:

    short/strong/simple. There is no point trying to get your point across with 800 words when nobody understands it.

  • The man's a hero

    This is a man who saw something he knew was wrong, and knowing full-well the consequences of his actions, divulged it to the people. He didn't try to change anything himself, he just gave the people a choice in the matter. Chances are he'll turn up dead sometime soon, and I find that awfully sad.

  • Yes he did.

    He's just a whistle blower running for his life. Unfortunately he messed with the biggest criminal gang out there, the US government. I hope he find some place safe. The government would have put a hit on him here in the sates. Now they want him dead, they're feeding the media telling them he's sharing secrets... What does it matter. All the government confidential information SHOULD be let out.

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