• Yes I do believe that there were some people who voted for or against him based on his religious views.

    I for one did not vote for either Romney or Obama based on their religious views and politics. People can vote for whoever they want based on religion, politics, past history or whatever they choose. That's what makes us the United States of America. We have the privilege to speak up and voice our opinions no matter how crazy they are. In conclusion I just want to say that it's very important to respect other people beliefs and political views but that doesn't mean we have to agree with them. Thank you and God bless.

  • He's a religious nut

    This is a very tricky question. I think a lot of people voted for Romney because he didn't stress his religion and his advisers pointed out Romney himself should not be blamed for whatever craziness Mormonism is known for. These tactics are a bit shady to me. It's basically avoiding the fact that Romney is associated with a religion that was started by a huckster named Joseph Smith. I would like to know Romney's view point on his religion's origins.

  • The religion of a candidate is very important to some voters.

    I am sure some people refused to vote for Mitt Romney just be cause he is a Mormon. For some voters, the religious beliefs of the candidates is very important to them, and they will only vote for someone with the same religious beliefs as themselves. Some atheist voters would prefer a candidate with no religious beliefs.

  • Yes, religion may have been a factor to some voters.

    Yes, Mitt Romney may have lost some votes in the 2012 presidential election due to his religion. However, this would have been the case regardless of his religion. If he was Catholic or Muslim, there would ultimately be some voters who would have a problem with it and would choose to not vote for him as president.

  • No, this was not a deciding factor.

    I don't believe Mitt Romney being a Mormon had any effect on voters in the 2012 presidential election. I don't think it was even considered by most voters. I believe that Mitt Romney lost the election because he alienated large groups of voters. His comments during his campaign alienated women and most of the blue collar working class. It had nothing to do with him being a Mormon.

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