• Yes Sony did 'give in' to the hackers by pulling 'The Interview.'

    Yes Sony did 'give in' to the hackers by pulling 'The Interview.' However given the proven abilities of the hackers to disrupt Sony's internal network they could not guarantee the safety and security of the movie viewing public. So cancelling the movie was the proper thing to do in the long run.

  • I think so

    I think that the hackers most certainly won when then pulled the movie. Who knows what seriously went on in the smaller picture though. They could have pulled the film for good reasons, like safety concerns, huge threats and other things. North Korea tends to throw fits about things so who knows what they threatened

  • Sony did not give in.

    Sony had to take into account how real the threats made were and how likely it was they would be carried out. Stopping a possible out break of violence and keeping people safe had to be a top priority in this case. Pulling the movie was the best way to protect people.

  • No Sony did not give in to hackers

    Sony have not given in to hackers by pulling The Interview, they have other reasons for pulling it. Their actions relate more to the reaction of others who think that the film is one that may make other countries and cultures angry and see the USA in a bad light.

  • The movie will still be released.

    North Korea cant do much to physically harm theater goers without provoking the U.S and its allies most likely their reaction would be further hacking exposing damaging financial information from Sony. That is Why Sony will most likely find a way to secure themselves from further attack then release the Movie. Sony is stalling to put it simply they got sucker punched and are stalling till they can get back on there feet. There really isn't much besides blatant terrorism which would prompt military action against. The number of theaters they could attack is small and its not like you cant get shot going to another movie like batman in aurora. They are making threats they cant back up.

  • No, because this could go out of control

    Its just a movie,I mean North Korea threatened us I rather stay home then risk my life for a movie that I don't even know is good and even worse on Christmas Day. The decision they made was good because this whole situation can be voided but people are saying the we give up too easily

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