• Stephen Curry is a talented and consistent player.

    Stephen Curry has been an asset to the Warriors. Not only does he perform to a very high standard, but he doesn't waver and have bad days like many talented players are prone too. His high standards are always consistent. This contributes to stimulating confidence in his fellow players who know that they can trust his abilities granting them a psychological advantage.

  • Yes, Stephen Curry deserved the Most Valuable Player Award.

    Yes, Stephen Curry is the MVP. Stephen Curry was the best player on the best team in the NBA. His stats are amazing, but that's not the only thing. His impact on the game is why he won the award. The award is not for the best player in the league or the player with the best stats. If the award was for the best player, it would have went to someone else. He won the MVP because he is the reason why the Golden State Warriors are the best team in the league.

  • Yes, Stephen Curry deserves to be MVP

    Curry has been a high-level player all season. His personal numbers are great, and his team has the best record in the NBA. The Warriors have experienced their playoff level success in large part because of Curry's dominant play and talent on both sides of the court. This year, his steals per game are at a career high, while fouls per game are at a career low, according to ESPN.

  • Outstanding performance all season

    Stephen Curry played well for the majority of the season. He has been making the highlight reel almost every night. His high octane playing style has elevated the performance of his team and made them a contender in their division and in the NBA as a whole. He deserves to be consideration as MVP at the very least.

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