Did Susan Rice hurt her chances at becoming Secretary of State for her actions in Benghazi?

  • Yes Rice hurt her chances of Secretary of State.

    Susan Rice's actions in Benghazi hurt her chances at becoming Secretary of State. There was quite a controversy with her actions or lack thereof and this has clouded many peoples opinion of her. People show their true colors and true ability when working under extreme pressure and you either flourish or flounder. Rice mishandle the situation and it will end up costing her this opportunity.

  • Yes she did

    When anything comes up that can tarnish your reputation or make you seem unfit for a position of office it hurts your chances for any elected position. She says that she used the best information that was available to her, but it would seem that she did in fact know more than was transcribed to everyone else.

  • Yes Susan Rice did hurt her chances

    Susan Rice greatly hurt her chances at becoming Secretary of State for her actions in Benghazi. Susan Rice has upset many people by her actions and lies. People died including a US Ambassador and the remarks and statements that she made were out of line and she owes many apologies.

  • Not at all

    No, she did not hurt her chances at being the next secretary of state. All she has to do is make sure she does some really good things here coming up, and then people will forget all that is happening or has happened about her in the past in this country.

  • Benghazi has turned into a circus of finger pointing and Susan Rice had little to do with it.

    Benghazi was an unfortunate event that took the lives of a handful of people. So what? Soldiers die every day in those numbers. There is no investigation about that. There are no ongoing congressional inquiries for soldiers. What is the difference? There is nothing to gain from posturing on a soldier's death. The people at Benghazi knew that they were placed in an unstable area and surrounded by countries full of radicals. There was no cover up. It just wasn't important. It still shouldn't be. Susan Rice didn't hurt her career or help it due to her involvement in the Benghazi bombing. If people wanted her career to be undercut, that would have happened without the deaths of four people in an embassy to a country that just had a dictator overthrown. People forget that part. Guddafi was barely cold in the ground when the Embassy bombing happened.

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SweetTea says2014-02-25T12:14:19.677
Hurt her chances? No. Rice ISN'T in that league. She is a Public Servant -- a government employee. Cabinet positions are like "political gifts". Every President appoints their supporters to their Cabinet. They rarely appoint an individual who has made a career with that specific agency and/or department, i.e. State, Defense, Education, etc.

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