• Don't mean to be mean.

    While Tate sang his heart out, all of Carly's performances were "derivative" at best. It is like comparing an intelligent, sensitive artist (Tate) to a clown who only mimics and tries her best to do grandstanding performances of mundane songs. As the title suggest, I don't want to be "mean" to a little girl, but that is exactly what she is. While she has many years to develop a voice of her own, this has yet to be proven. The fact that the American public voted Tate as the winner is proof enough. How 60+% of people can argue otherwise begs the question: Why didn't you vote????

  • He sang better and was more likeable

    While Carly certainly has vocal talents, Tate performed a more authentic brand of music that was able to reach many more listeners. His personality was also more likeable, as he came across as a mature family man who could realistically make it as a recording artist. I am not a country music fan, but found Tate to be more talented and far more authentic and likeable. He deserved to win.

  • Did Tate Stevens deserve to win the X Factor?

    I liked his voice and the fact that he was 'real' and someone that anyone could relate to. So he sang very well and could connect to an audience, which to me is what it means to have 'The X Factor'.

    I think what has let him down has been that there hasn't been that much active promotion surrounding him as there could have been, his album was a bit rushed and so not as good as it could have been (although there are 3 or 4 great songs on it, there could have been more with a guy like this), and also his style is more of a traditional country style, which probably attracts a smaller audience than country that has a pop sound to it.

    I liked him more than Carly: they are both outstanding vocalists, but I felt he had more depth overall to his performances (probably as a result of his age).

    I hope his fan base builds over time, and I hope he is around long enough to put out a second album. I think that that album would move a few more mountains.

  • He had an impressive voice

    Even though it wasn't as unique as some of the other contestants, he was never off key and always seemed to sing so confidently. His stage presence was amazingly calm and collected, unlike some others. Most of all, he sang as if it took absolutely no effort, which is hard to do especially in front of a huge crowd. He won because singing came effortlessly easy to him.

  • He's my favourite

    He had the charisma and natural talent. Carly Rose had talent but didn't have charisma or personality. Tate is humble and honest. He never embarrassed himself during the competition. The songs that Carly sang during the competition was not appropriate for her age and the arrangements she made to the songs sounded bad.

  • Yes, Carly is a great singer but Tate deserved the win

    Pop music may be more popular than country. But that's the point! Carly has a better chance of making it in the music industry! She's young, talented, & pretty. Everything today's society feeds off of. She has her whole life ahead of her. X-Factor was Tate's last chance to become a country star. Carly already has 2 movies & Broadway in her past, she's already going to be a star. Plus, once Carly becomes a pop-star it's not like she's gonna be writing her own music. She might, but it's doubtful. Most pop-stars today just have a team of writers do it for them.

  • Yes, Tate Stevens deserved the win.

    Tate Stevens worked hard throughout the competition and, despite what Britney Spears said, was spot on throughout the competition. His main competitor, Carly Rose Sonenclar, was also an outstanding singer, but in a competition where the viewers vote and choose the winner, Tate Stevens won the votes of the American audience.

  • Tate Deserved To Win

    Of course Tate Stevens deserved to win the 2nd Season of X-Factor. In my opinion he was the best performer on the show this season. He proved this time and time again on the show. His song Please Come Home for Christmas on the finale was the best performance of the night as well.

  • Carly Rose Soneclar

    Carly should have won hands down. She had the range, the presence, the amazing voice and could sing almost everyone genre of song without any difficulty. Tate was just as any other cowboy song singer and lacked the presence, the originality and the voice/range that Carly has. To beg for votes from the public as opposed to Carly's humble interaction with the viewers is unbelievable that voters would vote for him. And to think his own record label dropped him. It really is so sad that Carly's career did not take off as it should. I feel really sorry for Carly. Tate has done some videos but so far have never heard of him until I watched Carly on the XFactor and still have not heard of him since.

  • No way. No talent!

    He won because a bunch of red neck hicks voted for the country man! Carly Rose was leaps and bounds more talented! I pray that she will thrive and succeed soon! Tate Stevens hasnt done jack squat because he has talent, creativity, or that good of a voice. America is stupid.

  • A Clear Winner

    Tate is a good/very good singer and earned a spot near the top but Carly's unquestionably at an entirely different level. If given the correct songs Carly has the potential to be the singer of a generation. By bringing in the public to vote it allows for factors other than talent, potential & results to factor in the final decision. Not everything should be a democracy, leave that for government.

  • Tate needed the win but Carly deserved it.

    In my opinion Tate is pretty good at what he does, thus said singing country music but even singing country he sounds alot like just another one of those good sounding country singers, not to mention he does not exatly have the variety Carly does and you cant pick many different songs for him that he'll make sound good. But Tate won in my opinion because people felt sympothy for him and felt he needed it more(wich he did). Carly on the other hand is special and has a voice you only see few times in a lifetime. Shes was only 13 years old and still sounded like an absolute proffesional and had so much variety in her. She will without a doubt become famous and succsesful so to be honest she didnt relly need the win, and thats why Tate won. You can just she how who didnt win but still got a columbian record contract and is getting globally known and loved and working on an album (Carly), and who ended up unassigned after have wasted 5 million dollar contract to nothing really(Tate), and by those facts you can truly see whose the real winner and better singer. Sorry if i spell porly english is not my first language:)

  • Carly is an alpha singer. Tate is not.

    Carly's sound and feel for the music is something you don't hear everyday. She masters the notes and the passion of the song. The song IS her when she sings it. Tate got his unmerited 15 minutes of fame from the X-Factor voters out of pity for the guy's situation. Carly doesn't need X-Factor anymore. The world now knows what she can do. No worry!

  • Still shocked Carley didn't win

    She is do unbelievability talented. Her vocal range and her soulful singing is unmatched by anyone else, especially by someone of her age. Tate was so predictable. I think it was his story, not his music that won. I am still so upset that she didn't get what she deserved

  • Tate used Manipulation...

    Tate Stevens is a great singer, I'll give him that. But of COURSE he didn't have a job and needed to be a country star or he'd be homeless. That's how he won. Carly was the SUPERIOR in the vote rankings nearly all season, and all of a sudden she's second banana to him? I think somethings not right in that equation...

  • I have seen better country singers in the local Bar here

    Look this is not only a stupid thing that he won but this guy does not even have enough talent to shine her shoes.. That girl has the voice of an angel and may god bless her with success.
    I will never watch X Factor scam again...... The show is rigged

  • It's Semantics Really

    What does it mean to deserve? I believe Tate won because people felt bad for him, he worked the heart strings of his fans. If him deserving to win is based off how much more he needed this than Carly did, I'd say he did. However, I'm not going to strip Carly of what she earned through talent simply because I feel bad for this guy. People insert their own preferences when asked who is the best singer. What the average person doesn't understand is that their is a difference between a 'likable' singer and a 'talented' singer.

    To conclude, If this contest were won based off the level of mastery over vocal control, acrobatics, range, endurance and accuracy, then Carly should have won by an embarrassing landslide.

  • Carly's fans were international, Tate's were not.

    As Carly had supporting audiences worldwide, Tate's fans were in America. In the US, they are able to vote easily while other fans were not. They had a great opportunity to vote for an extremely talented person, but misused it on someone who was begging the audience for votes, because he did not have a job. I have a question myself though: If the town Tate had lived in supported him all the way, how come they could not have given him his job back?

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