Did Taylor Swift's mother steal the show at the ACM Awards when she presented her daughter with the Milestone Award?

  • It was a touching moment

    Taylor Swift's mother presenting her with a prestigious award was touching and a very sweet moment. The recent revelation that she has cancer made the moment even more poignant. As Swift is star whom so many already personally identify with, I feel that this moment really resonated with all of her fans.

  • Mom did not steal the show

    Her mother did not steal the show because everyone knows Taylor Swift is the popular songstress audiences wanted to see. Of course people are curious about celebrity parents and about bad news that affects them, but her mother was there for Taylor last night. She was not there for herself.

  • Didn't Watch It

    i didn't watch it but isn't that what everyone does at these shows is to try to steal their portion of time. If this is actually an issue it seems like she is starting to have a string of bad luck with getting upstaged every time she is accepting an award.

  • No, Taylor Swift's mother gave a touching tribute

    I think it is nice whenever a celebrity can seem more human in the public eye. Taylor Swift's mom's presentation gave listeners a more personal view of Taylor Swift, and it was especially meaningful to Taylor, the one being honored. I thought it was moving and nice for everyone, audience and family alike.

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