• He absolutely deserved the death penalty.

    Ted Bundy was a horrible serial killer and rapist, by his own admission, responsible for the deaths of dozens of young women and girls. He escaped prison twice and continued his killing afterwards. If ever there was a justifiable, and necessary based on his escapes, case for the death penalty, it was certainly Ted Bundy.

  • What is the rate of retaliation of first degree violence?

    As I've come across this person's life. I have noticed that he has committed: Crime, rape, torture, and violence. What makes the people who think that he deserves to live and survive? I don't think any idea can support the fact that this guy has killed some people and is a murderer is allowed to live. No he is not allowed to live because he grabbed some one Else's life. Then you die too.

  • Kind Of Seems Obvious

    That is unless one just does not support the death penalty. That is a good explanation as to why this might be a question. Make Ted Bundy suffer in prison the rest of his life for all the atrocities he committed. The evidence is pretty overwhelming of all the violent acts he committed. The death penalty seems to have murdered the right guy on this one.

  • Yes he did

    Yes, I do think that this man deserved the death penalty for the crimes that he committed. This man was a true criminal, and no matter what he was never going to act straight. Also, the crime that he committed was truly bad, so he needed to pay for it with his life.

  • The death penalty is barbaric

    4% of those on death row in the USA alone are innocent, and that may not seem like much, but is that not a violation of human freedom? To kill innocent people? That is not to say Ted Bundy did not indeed do horrible things, but something like the death penalty has the potential for abuse, and for the same reasons we don't have torture. If you are going to look at the constitution, citizens of the USA have a right not to be subjected to cruel or unusual punishment, and if you look at the way people are executed it is insanely cruel as many people go through agonizing pain before death, or have their death rescheduled from it not working. Again, 4% are innocent, how do we justify this torture and cruelty against innocent people for the sake of killing people who in many cases have mental illnesses (which is another topic when we are talking about innocence, and how responsible they truly are for their actions, and if they are able to be rehabilitated). If we had a perfect system that was perfectly able to know who is indeed guilty/not guilty and by what degree they can be rehabilitated then perhaps Bundy did indeed deserve to die. But to be devils advocate, Bundy once saved a child from drowning...It seems rather dehumanising to say "he was evil, he deserved it" and say "well he admitted to it being wrong" than understanding how someone kills and rapes 30 women with absolute apathy, that is not normal behavior, and I would favor that perhaps there were some underlying trauma causing this huge dissociation from fellow humans

  • No! Just no!

    Death Penalty is a sin and a serious crime against humanity! Nobody in this world must be executed!!
    And Ted was a very clever and talented person - he could be useful for society being in the prison!
    Moreover he was sick. He made his horrible crimes because of his severe mental illness! And execution of ILL person is real savagery! So I have a question - WHO is a REAL monster - he or persons who killed him?!

  • Death is not beneficiary to anyone

    Would killing Mr. Bundy come with a positive result to anyone? Sure, the victim's families can obtain a sense of closure by having Ted no longer living nor breathing. By keeping Bundy alive one could learn about his disease, what caused his disposition, and also how to avoid people like him in the future. The death penalty in general is in no way justifiable, death is the utmost penalty in our government today but no matter who is being put on death roll, no one deserves to die, it is simply inhumane.

  • No, I dont think so

    He is not all there in the head. I think we can learn a lot from people like him and maybe one day actually solve these kinds of issues before they are happening. If you study them, maybe just maybe, a cure or a pill can calm them down, so they don't hurt others.

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