• Ted Bundy's parents did deserve blame for how their son turned out

    Ted Bundy's parents did deserve blame for how their son turned out. All Ted Bundy did was put down his only son, and we can see that very clearly on the tv. He never encouraged his son, and it turns out that he amounted to very little in life. The only thing his son learned was to chase after women, but it was useless since he did not have a good job or any job.

  • Bundy's Parents Aren't To Blame For Their Son's Crimes

    Ted Bundy's crimes are absolutely heinous, yes, however, his parents don't deserve any amount of punishment for what he did. He has been clinically diagnosed with a mental disorder, and that is something that cannot be avoided no matter how parents choose to raise their children. Ted Bundy's crimes are his crimes and only his. Yes, external factors contribute to crimes, but his parents have shown time and again that they were good parents and had absolutely no idea about what he was doing.

  • I Don't Think So

    I believe Ted Bundy's parents were unaware of the depth of issues their son had. For this reason, I do not think they deserve any of the blame for how their son turned out. Some people simply have mental illnesses that can't be attributed to anything specific. I think this is the case with Bundy.

  • No, Ted Bundy's parents don't deserve blame.

    Ted Bundy's parents do not deserve any blame for the crimes that their son did. A person's choices are their own and someone cannot be blamed for someone else's actions as long as the person acting is a responsible adult. You cannot blame the parents of Bernie Madoff for his actions, similarly you cannot blame Ted Bundy's parents for his actions.

  • Not at all

    No, they did a good job in raising their son, he just chose a bad path as he got older, but it was not a thing that they had to do with. He was just a bad man, and they can not be blamed for what happened with this man.

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