• Product of his own upbringing

    He had a traumatic time growing up and if he had a normal upbringing I'm sure he would not have become a monster. It's easy for people to say he was an adult he made his own choices. This is true but he was incredibly sick and never had help for his mental health. Anyone that is put under enough abuse can end up changing.

  • Nurture not Nature

    I whole heartedly believe in nurturing of society that ultimatley makes somebody do something wrong or inhumane. The current sytem that we live in is so big and out of control of the everyday people that some have no other option but to snap or kill themselves and Ted Bundy chose the former.

  • Single Mother Raised Him

    Ted Bundy was raised by a single mother and without a father, which could have led to why he was a serial rapist and a serial killer. Bundy probably felt abandoned by his father and his mother would have had enormous pressure to raise a son by herself in an era when single motherhood wasn't normal.

  • No, he was an adult and he made the decision to take a life

    People can be affected, both positively and negatively, by their childhood experiences. I also believe that parental involvement and parenting styles can also play a key role in the emotional and psychological development of children. With that being said, Ted Bundy became a killer when he made the decision to kill. It's that simple. The actions of Bundy and other murderers can not be justified, or excused, by their childhood experiences. These individuals are responsible for their actions, and they must be held accountable for their terrible decisions.

  • Not completely, no

    While some one's upbringing can encourage some of their good behavior and some of their bad behavior, it does not completely make someone turn bad or good. Ted Bundy might not of had the best childhood or life but nothing is an excuse for turning into a crazy psycho killer who takes joy in harming others.

  • Quit blaming your childhood

    People need to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions. You control your own actions. Stop blaming your parents for what you do. Ted Bundy is not any different. Bundy gave into his own sick urges and killed women. No matter what happened in his childhood, that does not justify his own actions as an adult.

  • No, I don't think Ted Bundy's upbrining made him a killer.

    While Ted Bundy's upbringing was not a typical upbringing I think overall there was nothing so traumatic in it that would make him a killer, I think the decision to murder people was a deliberate decision that he made in a sound mind and it was his own decision influenced by his own thoughts.

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