• Yes It Did

    I feel that the 2013 government shutdown did destroy America's faith in politicians. The shutdown was brought on by a few politicians who decided to associate unrelated laws. They also sought out a plan to strong arm other parts of the government by bringing on this shutdown. Thankfully, they failed, but the aftermath has led to a serious distrust in politicians by the citizens of the United States. Hopefully this will show in the next round of elections.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I think the American psyche destroyed America's faith in politicians. The United States was founded after a war against heavy taxation and a tyrannical empire that butchered nearly 2/3rds of the world. The mistrust in government and politicians will continue on for centuries. The shut down just adds to it.

  • Can't lose what you never had.

    No, the 2013 government shut down did not destroy America's faith in politicians, because we don't have much faith in politicians to begin with. The list of sleazy politicians is longer than the list of honest ones. None of them act in our interest. We knew this long before the democrats wouldn't agree to responsible cuts in 2013.

  • No, I don't think the 2013 Government shutdown destroyed America's faith in politicans.

    The country is currently very divided between conservatives and liberals right now so while half the country was fearing the shutdown the other half was cheering the politicians pushing for it. Over the past decade America's in general are used to politicians fighting on every issue so overall I don't believe the Government shutdown destroyed their faith in them.

  • The 2013 government shutdown did not destroy America's faith in politicians

    It is my opinion that the government shutdown that occurred in 2013 did not destroy America's faith in politicians. I feel that the shutdown itself was viewed as a minor inconvenience as opposed to a catastrophic event in America's history. Most people were more likely confused than angry about the shutdown than anything else.

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