Did the 2014 World Cup bring soccer to the hearts of people in the USA?

  • The 2014 World Cup brought soccer to the hearts of Americans

    The run the 2014 USA men's national team had in the World Cup absolutely brought soccer to the hearts of people in the USA. Many people had the US team written off as a team that would not advance past the group stage. The way they played against Belgium was nothing short of a Cinderella story that all Americans could get behind.

  • Yes, Americans seem more interested

    Americans seems more interested than in previous years, probably because the American Team has performed better than it has in the past. It's hard to be excited about a sport that most kids don't grow up playing and that your national team isn't very good at, but when they are doing well it's hard not to throw your support behind them out of national pride.

  • Yes, I believe it did.

    American's are generally really great bandwagon fans and will come out in droves to support those that need it when it is a world stage. I don't believe we will see soccer become a beloved sport in the U.S. in the next few years, but I think in the future the world cup will become followed by more and more people.

  • Belgium Eliminates Team U.S.A.

    It felt as if Tim Howard would never go down. As if the United States would never go down, standing there, taking shots like an undersize fighter clinging desperately to a puncher’s chance. Howard saved with his hands. His feet. His legs. His knees. At one point, Howard even had a shot bounce off the crest over his heart.

    Trying to figure out where soccer fits into the fabric of America is a popular topic but, for one afternoon at least, there was this unexpected truth: All around the country, from coast to coast and through the nation’s belly, sports fans of every kind were inspired by the performance of a soccer goalkeeper. In a loss.

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    The ending was cruel, but then so is the game. The United States’ captivating run in the World Cup stopped here, on the coast of Brazil, as Belgium beat the Americans, 2-1 after extra time, to eliminate the United States in the Round of 16. A win would have sent the Americans to a quarterfinal against Lionel Messi and Argentina; a loss, instead, sent them home.

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