Did the American slave trade still thrive, much like alcohol did during Prohibition, even after its prohibition in 1808?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • This destroys the idiotic belief that slavery was racial

    They'll use the question, why were the slave majorily black -- a simple answer. The trade, though outlawed on paper, still thrived and so ships as late as 1859 were taking slaves from Africa and importing them. And attempts to indict the slave traders went south.

    If the trade would have truly ended, the descendents of our slaves today wouldn't be purely black but more like Al Gore. Logic dictates that slaveowners raped and bled slaves. So the fact that there are pure black descendants of slavery proves that the trade went on even after wards.

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Adam2isback says2015-10-09T18:41:49.777
It's important to remember that since the trade went on, the reasoning for choosing African slaves was the same it was when the British were doing it -- none racial whatsoever. Africans were chosen for their familiarity with domestic farming. Natives were tried but they weren't as familiar so they chose Africans. Also Africans were immune to diseases the Natives weren't. The trade went on as late as 1859 therefore the same reasoning was used.
Adam2isback says2015-10-09T18:42:52.043
Technically it was supposed to be illegal, but since the pro-slavery Democrats were in power they didn't even bother indicting the slave traders. The trade went on as late as 1859.