Did the attack on Pearl Harbor justify the United States' decision to enter World War II?

  • Meeting aggression with aggression

    Unfortunately in order for a country to stay safe they have to have a strong, powerful military. When Pearl Harbor was bombed there was no other choice but to protect the homeland. Sometimes to control or stop aggression you have to meet force with greater force, which no one can argue that we did not do that. Until Sept 11th no foreign entity was unwise enough to attack us at home.

  • It wasn't even needed to justify it

    Franklin D. Roosevelt knew from the onset of World War 2 that the United States would have to enter at some point, and Pearl Harbor provided evidence needed to convince the American people. Roosevelt understood the severity of the conflict, and that America couldn't remain an isolationist nation when the rest of the world fought for the future of mankind. Pearl Harbor provided a justification that wasn't necessary, just easier to understand.

  • It Was the Only Thing to Do

    Two thousand people died. Two thousand, all of them men who were protecting this country. What message would we have sent to the world if we didn't declare war on Japan and Germany. "Hey, come attack the United States, we won't fight back?"
    Now, if only people today responded the same way when ISIS attacks people.

  • Yes, the attack on Pearl Harbor warranted retaliation.

    The attack on Pearl Harbor was unprovoked and was a planned attack on the U.S. Japan was already at war with other countries and the attack was a declaration of war on the U.S. and would not have been the only attack on U.S. soil had the U.S. continued with their doctrine of neutrality.

  • War is bad

    There is no excuse of killing more and more people. Problems can be solved in many other ways, peacefully, without guns and lost lives. War is never a good thing. It only brings sadness and empty hearts. Please, stop killing people, life is beautiful, let live it in peace, it's easy.

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