Did the Baltimore Ravens deserve to win Super Bowl XLVII?

  • Yes, the Baltimore Ravens deserved to win Super Bowl XLVII.

    Yes, I believe that the Baltimore Ravens deserved to win Super Bowl XLVII. Football fans will always nitpick over any Super Bowl victory, and there will always be those bitter fans that detract from their rival's win. The Baltimore Ravens simply out shined the San Francisco 49ers in every way imaginable, and though the 49ers usually claw their way back to victory in the fourth quarter, during this specific Super Bowl, they simply gave up.

  • The Baltimore Ravens deserved to win Super Bowl XLVII.

    The Baltimore Ravens deserved to win. They have played good football all season, keeping their "eyes on the prize." Technical difficulties and bad calls are part of just about every professional game, and are not the fault of the players or the teams. In this case, simply put, the better team won.

  • They won

    Bad calls, technical difficulties and other errors are part of the game. The final score alone determines if you deserve to win or not. The 49ers are the better team but they did not play that way all four quarters and did not have enough in them to overcome their deficit.

  • They Deserved To Win

    The Baltimore Ravens deserved to win Super Bowl XLVII. They were the best team on the field that night. The 49ers only played one good half of football and the Ravens played four. Baltimore was the better team and made more plays that night. They deserved to win the championship game.

  • They were a mediocre team on a hotstreak!

    Yes, they deserved to win the actual game because they came to win and outplayed the 49ers. With that said, they had a mediocre regulation season, and at one point lost an entire months games in a row. Joe Flaccos went on a hot streak at the right time is all. They were not the best team in the NFL at this time though, that would arguably be the Broncos or the 49ers. For a team that barely made playoffs, I cant say they deserved to be Superbowl champs and be crowned best team this season.

  • The winning team is the deserving team.

    Nobody deserves to win the Super Bowl. The only team that deserves to win the Super bowl is the team that wins more points than the team they are playing against, as well as all the other teams they played against before the super bowl. That is the team that deserves it.

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