Did the Biblical exodus from Egypt by the Jews actually occur?

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  • We have evidence.

    There is archaeological and geographic evidence to support the biblical Exodus account, or at least part of it. In the Red Sea, there is an underwater land bridge that would have made it much easier to cross. On the land bridge, artifacts such as chariot wheels and fossilized human and horse bones have been discovered. Sound familiar?

  • Science Over Religion.

    The only reason I'm even slightly supporting this is because I believe in luck and science (as well as being a Wiccan). It's been discovered that, at least twice in every three years, the Red Sea shallows out in the middle, making it easier to "cross the sea," as Moses supposedly did. In this case, he had good time and lucky as Hell. Do I believe in the whole "miracle"? Well, theorists state that it's possible that Moses had some sort of contact with extra-terrestrial beings. Because of this connexion, he was able to obtain items, making it easier to perform certain tasks. Again, do I believe in all of this? I believe that it's definitely a possibility of it happening. Now, I know that there are Christians who are going to say: "Well, you're not interpreting the Bible correctly." Well, how are you any better? Humans are humans, we jump to conclusions.

  • Evidence presented in Patterns of Evidence movie/documentary

    It's the most believable theory that exists. Our unbelievably complex macro and micro world/universe came from goo floating in outer space?? Seems more ridiculous to believe that than some being (God) created us / this world. We're here for no reason otherwise?? Why follow any rule of law then?? Why care??

  • Sure, why not?

    Just cuz evidence hasn't been turned up from a nomadic search for the promised land, does that prove it did not take place. Umm, this was the desert right? They took as much with them when they broke camp & moved along their search in the desert. Sometimes people can't find something they left on the sand the night b4, let alone thousands of years ago. The story of their journey was much too graphic to be made up.

  • Of course it didn't occur..

    You don't need archaeological, historical, or documentary evidence of this supposed event... You need to prove the existence of a “god”.

    Without that there is no point in discussing whether he split the water, sent his son to have a chat or any other story.

    First prove there is a “god”....Then we can discuss what he did or didn't do.

  • No, there is no evidence.

    There is insufficient evidence to support the claim that the Israelites were ever enslaved in Egypt, or that they wandered for 40 years. The suggestion that there might be a naturalistic explanation for on aspect of the story (the parting of the Red Sea) is not evidence that it happened, and certainly not evidence that the rest of the unbelievable story ever happened.

  • No, it couldn't have.

    An exodus of the Jewish people couldn't have occurred, as there was never a large population of Jews in Egypt in the first place.

    In Sunday school we're taught that the Jewish people were slaves, and after many competitions of divine power, plagues, and parting waters they finally won freedom.

    However no archeological, historical, or documentary evidence exists in support of this very tall tale, as well as something as drastic as nationwide plagues that would cripple the civilization for generations to come.

    In this particular case, there is an argument from silence. And the silence is deafening.

  • I say close, but no cigar...

    Preface: I am an atheist but attempted at my very hardest to not harbor a bias towards this topic. I am tempted to say yes since some credible evidence has been found that matches details timing and cartography that suggests some sort of event could have taken place, with the Biblical account a severe hyperbole of this event. However, I can not since the very nature of this debate is of whether or not the fabled Exodus story of the Bible took place, and that is an important and necessary distinction. I've looked at a couple different sources now and though the credibility of some on both sides is questionable, I have to say "No" given the lack of evidence that: 1. There is indeed a god 2. It chose anyone above anyone 3. It personally and solely conducted the downfall Egypt 4. It did it through plagues 5. Official credible Egyptian records have no mention of such plagues occurring 6. It lead a people through a desert for 40 years and 7. Even if an exodus of atleast 600,00 Semitic people from Egypt DID happen, it certainly DID NOT happen the way the Bible describes the event at all. Egypt not only survived this event it seems but was moderately productive up until about the time of the founding of Rome, approximately 753 B.C.E.

  • This is no archaeological evidence that Exodus happened.

    While there are subjective recountings of certain historical events in the bible (most in the New testament) Exodus is a complete fabrication or as religous people call it, metaphorical. There are now Egyption writings that talk of a jewish child being raised as a prince of Egypt, nor that there were large numbers of jewish slaves in Egypt. There isn't even a single mention of a pharaoh or an army disappearing, let alone chasing released slaves. There are no historical records of the plagues, which the Egyptions definitely would have made. This is very similar to Marco Polo claiming he was a scribe in the Chinese emperor's court and yet there are no records of Marco Polo in the Chinese historical records (the Chinese were very meticulous about their records). So it is generally accepted that he didn't go to china. (P.S. The pyramids weren't built by slaves and were built much earlier than the fist Jews existed, Abraham was born in Iraq in 2000 BCE and the pyramids were built 500 years before that)

  • I am an atheist so of course I'd vote no

    Now I don't mean to sound like Mel Gibson's dad or anything but there is no proof of all these things happening. There wasn't that big of a population of Jews in Egypt. Also, what kind of a god would kill innocent little children? If it did happen, then God is at least incompetent and cruel.

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