• It did happen

    There is overwhelming evidence it happened. Many millennia of discoveries have come to this so we can progress further in our understanding of the universe. However I think that the people who say no have some valuable arguments however I do not know what they are so would like to see

  • No viable alternative

    At the minute all evidence that has been put forward in this arena points to a big bang in the beginning. The concept of the sheer enormity of time the universe has existed is extremely difficult to comprehend. So, as clever as humans are, we can only offer a calculated guess based on scientific facts and observations. And as said before, the evidence suggests a big bang at the beginning of time.

  • Its a fact

    The big bang is talking about matter. Yes energy cannot be created noe destroyed, but who's to see quantum fluctuations cannot exist before time? Energy is different from time itself. According to first law of thermodynamics, its COMPLETELY possible for energy to come out of nothing. Plus, its best explanation for creation of universe.

  • Wow that's like asking if a balloon went from flat to inflated with nothing in between.

    Every galaxy is racing away from every other galaxy. The only logical conclusion is that in the past they were much closer together. Knowing that when matter is compressed into a very small volume a great deal of energy is released (thank you Atom Bomb experiments), the only logical conclusion would be that there was a massive explosion in the past that sent energy in all directions. Now, if only there was some kind of evidence for this "energy"... Hmmm... Oh yeah!... The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation!

  • There is a great misconception about this theory

    I know many people who think scientists use the Big Bang Theory to explain cosmic origins.This is not what the implications of the theory is for,it used to explain the development of the universe.The Big Bang Theory is a perfectly fine theory; it makes predictions,like cosmic background radiation or the expansion of the universe discoverd by Edwin Hubble.

  • The real question presented here is, "Is the Bible truthful?"

    In the Bible, it is said that there was a God who created all things. While many of you try to say that, "There is no God, so it must be the Big Bang." I argue with that saying, "If there is no God, why do you feel bad when you sin? What is your conscience?" For all of those who say that the Bible is just a "Book Full of Lies," let me explain this fact...The Bible has never been disproved. So if you try to tell me that the Big Bang did happen, then also tell me why the Bible is not true.

  • No clear answer

    There is no possibly or maybe, so I put it on the "no." There are many flaws within the theory that contradict itself each time. People use "science" as an excuse or "science" as an argument, well first learn English and the dictionary. Theories and facts are two different things.

    I am a Christian and maybe the big bang theory was the birth of the universe. Maybe not, there is not enough clear hard evidence. Atheists claim they have the evidence, but we're not seeing real evidence. They ask it from us, but WE'RE NOT GOD! Humans have made up this idea that we can find the answers of the universe through Science. That it is illogical to believe in a deity that you don't see, a book written thousands of years ago. But who says there isn't evidence of the bible? Why would there ever be evidence of something as great as God? He gave us a choice to believe in him, meaning it's about faith. It states it in the bible, nothing in the bible states that you can somehow figure out a way that would prove him to be real. Otherwsie, everyone would believe in the Christian God. It was caused by the first sinners, we get to choose what we believe. There are many Atheists who think the big bang theory is false. NOTHING is certain, don't claim it. I know you're not claiming yours is certain, so don't claim our belief isn't certain. Why can't religion and science intertwine, why aren't they synonymous?

  • No, it did not

    Can already prove at the most, the big bang is false. How? It violates the first law of thermodynamics which states energy can not be created, nor destroyed.
    "The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed."

    Energy can not be created, which is one thing the "Big Bang" had "created". We can now assume and declare the Big Bang had not created anything.

    Another reason why it's false you ask? Conservation of angular momentum. This states "that when no external torque acts on an object or a closed system of objects, no change of angular momentum can occur. Hence, the angular momentum before an event involving only internal torques or no torques is equal to the angular momentum after the event."

    Or in other words, it can't change the amount of rotation it has when there is no external torque, the angle of an object can't change. Now, if this is the case why are Venus and Uranus spinning backwards at a different angle without external torque? There is NO torque being applied to the planets. I can't explain it all, however in this article, equations and math are done that I can't accomplish in any way, but at line 573 it is proven, there is zero torque being applied to the planets.


    Already, the big bang has been proven to be FALSE.

  • How could it have happened?

    How on earth could an explosion have happened if there was nothing to explode? I know they all say that all the matter in the universe gathered together and exploded to reform the universe, but tell me, what does an explosion cause? A mess. Chaos. The universe is actually a place of order.
    In fact, this will blow your mind, recent discoveries have uncovered a likely possibility that the universe is actually limited to the Milky Way; everything outside it is a two-dimensional box. Crazy right? And yet it would explain a lot too.
    So no, there is no way that the universe came into being because of an explosion. It's a theory invented by people who didn't want to accept that there might've actually been a Creator, although that is, by the logic of the laws of thermodynamics, the only explanation

  • Science does not have an answer for creating all the energy from nothing

    There has been no scientific evidence of any kind to support anything being created from nothing. If the Universe spontaneously "created itself" then we should see other things popping up spontaneously in the observed Universe.
    It may be the "best" theory because we don't have an alternative in science, but it has little support other than that galaxies are moving away from each other.

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ladiesman says2014-10-11T18:55:50.590
Theory will only get us so far in explaining creation. It could have been God, or it could have been science, we never know. It's up in the air.