Did the Cardinals (yes) or the Braves (no) win in the Heyward-Miller deal?

  • A Cardinals Fan's Perspective

    I have seen about nearly every cardinal's game this season and I have honestly not been that impressed with Miller's performance. Sure he might have had a few solid outings but nothing that would've made me keep him around. His performances were also very unpredictable, and every time he took the mound you were never sure about the outcome. Jason Heyward however, has proven to have a good bat, and came up big when the Braves really needed him to. I think he will be a good impact on the Card's line up and a good ball player to have in the clubhouse. He's valuable because he brings both the offense and the defense to the table, and that's not such an easy thing to do at the Major League Level. Shelby will be missed because he has helped the Cards out a lot, but I just think Heyward is the more valuable player. It also looked to me like Shelby Miller was really laboring out there on the mound sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if Matheny walked out there and brought him a towel, some gatorade and a peace of cake.

  • Yes, the Cardinals got the better of the Braves in their trade.

    The Cardinals received the talented Jason Heyward in a trade with the Braves. The Cardinals had to give up a little bit of pitching for this superlative outfielder. A rangy and athletic hitter, he will instantly boost an already powerful Cardinals lineup. The Cards are perennial contenders and this move will help them and all they had to give up was something they have a lot of.

  • The Cardinals received the best in the recent trade.

    The Cardinals needed a boost after losing their great player Oscar Taveras in a car crash. They traded 2 pitchers: Shelby Miller and Tyler Jenkins to the Braves for outfielder Jason Heyward and pitcher Jordan Walden. It is my opinion that the Cardinals ended up with the best deal in this trade.

  • The St. Louis Cardinals are the big winners in the Heyward-Miller trade.

    The St. Louis Cardinals outright became a better team due to this trade. They acquired a gold glove outfielder who instantly becomes the top outfielder on the team. In doing so they gave up Shelby Miller, who was only the 4th best pitcher on that staff. The Cardinals are now a better offensive and defensive team while the Braves lose their best defensive outfielder and acquire at best a #3 starter in their rotation.

  • The Braves won out in the Heyward-Miller deal

    The Braves have received a pitcher who is younger and still has many good years ahead of him. His current statistics place him as a contender for an excellent pitcher who can help lead the Braves to many victories. Though Heyward is an excellent, even record breaking fielder, his record of injuries and his medical issues make him a greater liability than asset.

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