Did the Catholic Church give rise to all the other Christian denominations?

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  • Give rise? No. Precede? Yes

    Catholocism, though it has changed drastically in the last few centuries is not the birthgiver to our prostestant counterparts. We did; however, precede them. My view is we all belive in christ, and regardless of our earthly differences, quarrells, and interpretations- God will judge us in whatever way he deems fit.

  • No, not the Catholic church we know today.

    Before the Protestant reformation, there was basically an eastern and a western Christian church. It was after the "one" church began to be very immoral in its actions that the denominations split apart. That meant the Roman Catholic church as we know it today came into existence at that time too.

  • The catholic church is not the OG religion

    I think that catholics would definitely want to say that they are the heart of all Christian denominations, but it simply is not true. Historical record shows that there have always been many nondenominational Christian sectors all through time. Some of them having nothing to do with the Catholic church.

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