Did the Catholic Inquisition have such far stretching effects that societies still feel them today?

  • Yes, the effects of the Inquisition are still felt today.

    Though the Catholic Inquisition began in the late 12th century, it reached its height in Spain in the 1480's. It is not a coincidence that the great schism of modern Christianity began less than 40 years later. Even though Martin Luther's ninety-five theses did not mention the Inquisition, the Catholic quest for 'purity' at all costs certainly created an atmosphere in which dissent could flourish. The effects of the Protestant Reformation are absolutely still felt in society today.

  • Yes We Do

    I believe the Catholic Inquisition did have far stretching effects that societies still feel them today. The Inquisition was all about a lack of acceptance. There was no tolerance and I think that is a problem a lot of churches still face today. We could easily say this lack of tolerance could be rooted in the inquisition. It's been an ongoing problem.

  • It has tainted the church.

    Yes, the Catholic Inquisitions has such a far stretching effect that societies still feel it today, because it is a black mark on Catholicism. A lot of non-believers cite the Catholic Inquisition as its way to say that Christianity is hypocritical. This is unfortunate because it has turned a lot of people away from the truth.

  • Yes, it continued a legacy of racism.

    The Inquisition begun by the Roman Catholic Church many hundreds of years ago was a reign of terror that led to racism against Jews and Muslims and must take responsibility for a lot of the problems in the Middle East. In addition, it fed the oppressive strains of fundamentalist religion that still persecute dissenters today.

  • The Inquisition, much like the Holocaust, was solely towards Jews

    I'd say that the Lutheran country's oppressive empires did far more damage than anything done by the Catholic countries, which was miniscule in comparison. Like really the anti-Catholic bias in this society is extremely strong if you ask me. Lol I definitely think the Nazis were not so bad like people make em out to be.

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