• Do something special built inside the chicken

    There is no possible way to have the chicken or chick be born without an egg shell around it. In the big chill there is a special ingredient not well not well known. The protein essential for the formation of the egg shell is called OV-17 is only found in the chickens ovaries. Without it the chicken Shell may not be formed therefore the chicken either. So without a chicken you just can't possibly get an egg

  • There is something special

    There is no possible way to have a chicken be born without its shell and in the shell there is a special ingredient that is not well known. The protein essential for the formation of chicken eggs called OV-17 is only found in chicken ovaries. Without it the chicken shell could not be formed so without a chicken you just cant get a chicken egg

  • The egg could not have hatched if the chicken had not come first.

    Eggs only hatch at the end of an incubation period during which they are kept warm by the mother hen, who sits on them. Also, hens only lay eggs after being fertilized by a rooster. Therefore, the chicken had to come first, because if there was no rooster to fertilize the chicken, then there would be no egg. And if there was no chicken to sit on the egg, then it wouldn't have hatched.

  • God created the first humans as just humans without mothers, or eggs being fertilized.

    So with that being said, God first created chickens and not the eggs. Think about it, an egg doesn't just fall from the sky and what comes out of it as you guessed, a baby chick! Also, eggs come from hens. Chickens do come from eggs but I believe that the first chicken whom lived on earth was created by God and had no mother. Same as the first man on earth was created by God whom also had no mother.

    A baby forms when the female's egg is fertilized with the male's sperm. But that just wasn't always the case when it comes to being the FIRST man on earth.

  • I'm a believer

    Because I believe in Creationism, I believe that God first created live chickens, just as He first created fully-grown humans. The reproduction of species is a part of intelligent design, so it followed after the initial creation of the being. It would make no sense for an egg to be created and then left to incubate itself, without the mother to warm it, protect it, etc.

  • God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, every winged fowl after his kind.

    AS the Headline Says God Created Every Winged Fowl, It (the Bible) doesn't say, He created the egg and it hatched and became a winged fowl. Like Man was Created To Reproduce So were all other Living Things. God Created them Man and Woman, For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. All truth can be found in the Bible.

  • IT. HAS. TO.

    Usually an egg cannot fertilize itself and keep itself warm and hatch itself. USUALLY. (okay, yes, so they *never* do, but I was trying to be funny and make a point, cause I was feeling hungry for two birds baked on a stone... Mwahah see what I did there? K. Back to my argument.) So. I'd assume that since the world was moderately normal at the beginning of time, God made a rooster and a chicken. Or if you're atheist a rooster and chicken began to exist. Through some... Form... Of something. I don't really know exactly what the rest of the world thinks because I'm Catholic, and I just know that a Big Bang totally could have happened and I'm trying to be open-minded here and these are too many run-on sentences. I'm really sorry. ANYWAY. (No s, people. It's 'anyway.' 'Anyways' doesn't exist.) The beloved lovely awesome rooster was a manly rooster and fertilized his lil chicky baby's egg and the egg was now awesome and the first egg EVER which is pretty awesome. Then the lil chicky grew up and repeated the process with another one of its species.

  • progression of mutations...

    In all technicality, through the evolution of a species, the egg would had to have come before the modern poultry known as the chicken. The ancestors of the egg would have produced each successive creature leading up to the chicken. Many other creatures produce or lay eggs allowing us to assume that through mutation we finally arrived at our modern domesticated creature which hatched from an ancestral egg at some point.

    Unless this is all bunk.

  • Chicken egg required chicken to be existed.

    Chicken egg is a mean of reproduction of chicken race. Chicken egg is therefore, cannot come in to existence without the existence of chicken. Chicken may evolved from bird or dinosaur species, in any case when the first chicken is hatched from its egg, that would be bird egg or dinosaur egg not chicken.

    Chicken is therefore certainly come before its egg without other way around.

  • the chicken came first before the egg

    In my own words chicken came first before eggs. I believe that egg cannot be fertilized without the chicken. Adult chicken is the responsible of laying eggs because eggs cannot be produce if there is no sexual intercourse between male and female chicken. So in my thoughts there is no other logical answer why the egg come before the chicken.

  • Anyone who say yes lacks a basic understanding of evolution

    Chickens evolved from dinosaurs, yes? (I have absolutely no interest in any creationist who opposes this statement on biblical grounds) Therefore, over millions of years, out of each egg laid by a dinosaur, a slightly more chicken-like animal would emerge. It reaches the point where the last evolutionary step has arrived; and the most chicken-like dinosaur so far finally lays the egg which will later hatch a chicken. Therefore, the egg comes first, because it comes out of a dinosaur being and hatches as a chicken.

  • The Art of Knowing is a collection of BS for airhead dopers.

    Hard eggshells have been around for a long time; many animals, including fish, laid eggs. The species that give live births do produce eggs that are carried until birth. So, the egg never comes before that animal giving birth or lying the egg. An egg never lays another egg, a chicken lays an egg. So, the chicken came first.

    I hope that helps.

  • It depends ( I pick no arbitrarily)

    1. Which came first, the chicken or (just any old) egg?
    2a. Which came first, the chicken or an egg laid by a chicken?
    2b. Which came first, the chicken or an egg containing a chicken?
    2c. Which came first: the chicken, or an egg laid by and containing a chicken?

    Contrary to popular belief, there is indeed a definite
    answer to each of these questions. Specifically, the answers
    are: (1) The egg. (2a) The chicken. (2b) The egg. (2c) The

    -Taken from the Art of Knowing

  • Common ancestor of chickens and fowl

    At some point, there must have been a common ancestor of the chicken and of other, related types of fowl. Therefore, this ancestor must have laid several eggs, one of which was a recognisable chicken, and the others were not. As this common ancestor was not a chicken, the egg must have come first.

  • Common ancestor of chickens and fowl

    At some point, there must have been a common ancestor of the chicken and of other, related types of fowl. Therefore, this ancestor must have laid several eggs, one of which was a recognisable chicken, and the others were not. As this common ancestor was not a chicken, the egg must have come first.

  • Egg wrapped chicken.

    Eggs-ucation: Many eggs from fish, turtles, snakes and the chicken ancestor dinosaurs predates the first ever chicken egg or chicken. Without further specificity, the unspecific egg precedes the nonexistent chicken. The first successfully fertile chicken egg's DNA contained a mix of both it's predecessors (let's call them Adam & Eve) who were part chicken - part 'tastes like chicken'. It's evolutionary my dear Watson.

  • In the name of science!

    When mutations occur, they influence a single cell. Therefore an adult animal can never change through mutation in a way, that we would consider it belonging to another species as the one it was born into. The crucial time in which small and probable mutations can influence the entire animal, is when or even before it is a single-celled organism. So, the first chicken was an embryo inside an egg.

    Yes, it happened through evolution. No, an egg cannot survive on its own, but it had parents that didn't quite were chickens. And no, only because a bird/dinosaur-like creature lay it, the egg still qualifies as a chicken egg (if it's impossible to tell apart from a chicken egg by any scientific means, they're identical).

  • Before the idea of test tube babies...

    ... This was easy to answer as any chicken, as we define a chicken, comes from an egg. That egg would have to exist before the chicken can be born from it.
    But now that it may be possible to grow a chicken starting in a test tube, it may now be possible to say the chicken comes first. However, eggs are still used to house the growing chicken, just as a uterus is still used to house a growing fetus... So far.

  • Basic evolution knowledge

    HELLO?!?!? Chickens are birds, who branched from reptiles, who branched from fish. Reptiles and some fish lay eggs. Basic evolutionary knowledge. Not that difficult to understand.

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T14:36:39.473
Neither egg not chicken answer is archaeopatrix
Kathyrn says2013-06-30T18:53:27.650
Although, contrary to my own opinion on the subject, one could quote Luna Lovegood and argue that 'well I guess that a circle has no beginning'.