Did the Christian Crusaders intend to evangelize the Muslims in the Holy Land?

  • More Than Likely

    It is likely the Christian Crusades also include evangelizing the Muslims which was a fools errand. The Christian Crusades are most known for their want to capture and control the Holy Land. These Crusades are pretty much unjustifiable and they should never have happened, proof that religion does send people in the wrong direction at times.

  • The Crusade was all about evangelism

    The whole purpose of the Crusades was to eliminate the competition. The Catholic church saw the Muslim faith as a threat. Fortunately for the church, they had many battle savvy soldiers available to go and fight their battle. The unification under one fight kept much of the local fighting down, and was successful in at least thinning the numbers of Muslims that could empower Islam to become a dominant religion. Their efforts were in vain though. Islam has grown to be much larger than Catholocism and Christianity combined.

  • Yes, the Christian Crusaders intended to evangelize the Muslims in the Holy Land.

    At the very least, the Christian Crusaders intended to evangelize some of the Muslims in the Holy Land. This goal was not mutually exclusive with their goal to also kill any Muslims that got in their way. The Christian Crusaders intended (and for some time succeeded) to establish a Christian kingdom in the Holy Land, and that plan did not include the genocide of all Muslims.

  • No they were Catholics fighting for the pope

    The Catholics want the holy land. The soldiers were sent to conquer it. Torture murder and all those war crimes were committed by both side for a piece of a land that no one should own. Now Catholics of today are trying to get that land from the arabs and the jews.

  • Probably not at first

    The fact they didn't first send missionaries and instead went to direct fighting suggests they had 1 goal: retake the Holy Land. And they did a fairly decent job for being the invading force. They realistically only failed because the enemy had more numbers there at home. It's truly tragic so many muslims died in their false beliefs without being saved

  • The desire to survive led to evangelization.

    The Christian Crusaders did not intend to evangelize the Muslims in the Holy Land. In fact, they meant for them to be eradicated and demilitarized. This was a war of faiths that was very bloody, and one would never hope that the other side would become evangelized by war. The desire to survive evangelized them.

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