• No proof but...

    There is no proof that they did but one gets the feeling that they either invented it, payed someone to invent it or they simple came across it and brought it to the US.

    There is plenty of proof that they protected the sellers and even pushed the selling of crack in the US. One reason was to take out the African American community (you think they just magically stopped being raciest) and another reason was to get money for the terrorist group called the Contras in Nicaragua.

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  • No they did not.

    Crack, which is a form of cocaine, was likely not invented by the CIA. Although they may have used it in some of their covert tests, I doubt they are the ones who invented it. When people are into drugs they come up with all kinds of ways to use it. It was probably invented by someone looking to get higher off of cocaine.

  • No, the CIA did not invent crack

    In the best of my knowledge I do not believe that the CIA invented crack. The CIA is generally not well known for its inventions, or for its drug distribution. This is why I do not believe that the CIA had a part in the invention or evolution of crack cocaine in any way shape or form.

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