Did the closing credits of the "Seinfeld" pilot crack you up?

Asked by: Adam2
  • How it went from this to having someone like Newman is hilarious to me

    It makes me laugh the most of all the pilot really because it just reminds me of what this would become over the course of the next few years (the pilot being in 1989). It just is a funny and timeless reminder. I know it's weird that I love the pilot's credits but I can't help it.

  • Yes it did

    Yes it did just like all the other hilarious Seinfeld episodes and he really does know how to be a great comedian and I really liked the way he snapped on Larry King that was really funny to see how Larry King and Seinfeld start arguing but Seinfeld seem to be very angry.

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Magic8000 says2014-01-01T22:41:01.273
Wtf is it with you and Seinfeld adam2?
Adam2 says2014-01-01T23:19:01.700
My favorite show. You gotta problem with that?
Magic8000 says2014-01-01T23:19:49.417
I like Larry David's other show. Curb your enthusiasm.
Adam2 says2014-01-01T23:21:00.737
"Seinfeld" is still better, bro