Did the collapse of the Lehman Brothers on Wall Street affect the average person on Main Street?

  • Everyone was affected.

    Yes, absolutely. When the Lehman Brothers firm collapsed, it affected a lot of people. Retirement funds for public and private employees. 401k investment plans. Municipal bonds and investments. All of these were things that affected and slowed growth during the recession. Even if people didn't know about it, they were affected.

  • Lehmen Brothers devalued currency.

    Lehman Brothers collapse is often seen as an indirect affect on everyday, ordinary people. But this isn't at all the case. See, modern currencies depend on belief. And when belief starts to waver on places like wall street, it devalues the currency and affects every citizen there is in a country. That's you Main Street.

  • The regular guy is effected by happenings on wall street.

    The collapse of Lehman Brothers may not have directly effected the common citizen, but the indirect effects are obvious. The middle class has many investments, even if not in a portfolio. The stock market effects energy prices, mortgage rates, savings returns, credit card interest rates and even food prices. No one is insulated from the investment field.

  • Not The Average Person

    I do not believe the collapse of Lehman Brothers on Wall Street directly affected the average person on Main Street. While its collapse did effect some common people it would have not harmed the majority. I think the main problem with such collapses is the inability to charge companies that helped conspire with Lehman Brothers, such as Ernst & Young, who are left to continue their business practices without even as much as being questioned.

  • Its to large

    No, the collapse of the Leyman Brothers did not have a significant impact on most of the people on wall street. The amount of people that deal with wall street is a huge number, and billions of dollars go through there, so a few people can not make a large impact.

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