Did the corporate media do a poor job of covering the Boston bombings?

  • They can get it wrong too!

    There is so much misinformation out there. News organizations were saying the wrong things, and they didn't even really seem to know what they were talking about. The corporate media just does not always get things right. They were telling us the wrong things and giving out false information. They can do better.

  • For the most part, yes.

    Yes, I think that the corporate media is doing an overall poor job of covering the Boston Marathon bombings. Especially early last week, right after it happened, it seemed like the media was just repeating the same "news" over and over again, without really telling us anything newsworthy. Moreover, several stations got certain facts wrong.

  • The media is not doing a very good job.

    My nephew just posted something called, MODS and they are covering the facts better than the media. The media has already pin pointed one young man as a suspect and he was the wrong man. Sure, they retracted after he went to the police station to straighten it out, but the damage was already done. I understand the new is fresh, but the journalists are trained for this. They should cover it more responsibly..

  • No, the media is doing a fine job.

    The media has been on this case like white on rice! I believe they must have as much, if not more, information than the authorities at this point. I imagine there are FBI agents closeted in a room somewhere watching the news broadcasts for new clues. We could not possibly be more informed of events as they are unfolding. My only complaint is that they spend too much time giving us the news. Stop interrupting my favorite shows to broadcast old news, please!

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