• I Gusss although I never heard of Spotlight

    I don't really follow films that much to be honest. I have heard of Inside Out, no surprise there that it won for Best Animated feature see that happening at the Oscars as well. Same with Dicaprio winning for Best Actor for his new film. But what is Spotlight, never heard of this movie unlike the others that won here. Wouldn't be the first time that has happened, there have been times when The Academy Awards would come and I wouldn't known some of the nominees for best picture.

  • I believe so

    Once you get to this stage in the industry that is Hollywood, the top five nominees for any given award all seem somewhat plausible and acceptable. The winning actor/actress/director etc seems to mirror most of Hollywood who regurgitates it back to us who we should like in the first place.

  • Award shows rarely chose what people would choose

    I have to admit I do not watch these shows. It is a waste of time and I can just see the highlights. The reason I don't watch is because I rarely know they movies that get awards. I have seen hardly any of them and if I have seen them I usually didn't find the award worthy. I think that Hollywood people look for different qualities than regular consumers. What the people like is unlikely to win awards. Or maybe I am just not cultured.

  • Critics Choice Awards less in touch with population

    I think they chose poor nominates for the categories in the first place, there are lots of movies that should be there but aren't. The winners didn't really fit the categories they won in, it seems sometimes arbitrary that this or that movie wins. Public opinion sometimes help more in determining a good film than awards.

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