• Small Keel, Bad Steel

    Titanic had a small keel and couldn't steer. The steel holding the ship together wasn't very strong. Hitting the iceberg shouldn't have punctured such a big hole. Yes, the ship shouldn't have been going at top speed and the steering should have been done more expediently. Hitting the iceberg ultimately sunk Titanic because if the ship hadn't collided with the berg, the structural weaknesses wouldn't have been exposed.

  • Poor quality metal used

    The worker used sub-standard metal when building the ship. This made the rivets snap, if it had been strong metal the Titanic could have survive the crash. Also Thomas Andrew (the designer) made fake water compartment to make the Titanic look grand and good looking. Thomas Andrew should have design so the water compartment reached the top instead of providing space for 1st class

  • Titanic is not unapprised it was a accident

    The ship had watertipe doors and when the iceburg hit and it was only 4 compartments the titanic can hold but 5 comparmes where fluded and the ship whent down on accident and so many people died on the ship that is now a mith in history not future anymore

  • The crewmen's fault

    The radio operators didn't send most of the warnings from nearby ships to the captain because they weren't labeled with "MSG". The captain on the other hand should have posted more lookouts to lookout for icebergs. The captain should have taken more safety procedures instead of relying on the fact that any iceberg able to damage the ship would be spotted in time.

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