Did the election of President Obama close the racial divide between black people and white Americans?

  • Yes, I agree because of both black people and white Americans, Obama was chosen president.

    Election of the president Obama bought both the black people and white Americans together in his support, which also helped to close the racial divide between them. The election made the sympathy for both races. Both the races were seen together with their support to Obama. Both black people and white Americans were seen backing up each other during the election.

    Posted by: RingJonas
  • I agree that the election of President Obama closed the racial divide between black and white people up to some extent.

    The election of US President Barack Obama closed the racial divide between the blacks and whites up to some extent. Obama, by virtue of his abilities proved the racial discrimination to be baseless and also proved that a person can touch the zenith by virtue of his abilities. It was a lesson for some of the orthodox whites who thought that blacks were inferior and judged people basing upon their skin complex. It really closed the racial discrimination and started a new era.

    Posted by: taiboxer
  • Yes, because over time we will be more comfortable with people of all races and faiths.

    It definitely broke a psychological barrier and the idea that some have that the USA a white country. The USA is based as a land of immigrants who share the idea of becoming free people who don't let themselves get dictated by other leaders. When the time comes that race won't matter at all when judging someone, then the future generation will look back at this time and will be grateful that we broke free from racial judgement in our society and actually took the time to listen to people.

  • Yes, because Obama's election showed that white Americans can elect an African-American president.

    I believe that Obama's election to President was a very important change in the American self-image. It showed to everyone that white Americans can vote for and elect an African-American to the highest office. There cannot be any more claims that America is a racist country after that.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Yes, because it showed the world that the USA is not a racist country.

    There is no way Obama could have been elected president without the support of a very large number of white Americans. If the majority of citizens were racist, this would never have happened. There will always be some racial division in all countries. But, we have proven that America is united, and race is not an insurmountable factor anymore.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Yes, with the election of President Obama, the racial divide is closed, because it implies equal opportunity for all races.

    If the highest office in the United States is now held my a man of color, then it is safe to assume that people of color now have the same opportunities as white Americans. That said, when will the gender divide close?

    Posted by: R4v4g3rPavI
  • Blacks have come along way

    If you back track to when America was first discovered blacks were owned as slaves and were racially viewed. Thanks to the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments black males received the same rights as white males. Yeah there was still racism but the whole topic is DID THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENT OBAMA CLOSE THE RACIAL DIVIDE BETWEEN BLACK PEOPLE AND WHITE AMERICANS not IS OBAMA FAVORING A RACE OVER ANOTHER. Even if he was favoring one race, President Obama is mixed with a couple ethnicties so he wouldnt only favor blacks.

  • I agree that the election of President Obama did close the racial divide between the black people and white Americans.

    Yes, I agree the election of President Obama did close the racial divide between the black people and White American. The very fact his election of President Obama has reinstated that there is no difference between Black people and White American. Also, people is also understanding the issue about the situation and both the groups are reacting on more mature.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Yes, the election of Obama demonstrated a new spirit in US.

    A generation ago electing a black man president would not have been possible. The election of a black man shows that the majority of Americans can look beyond a man's race and accept the leadership of a man based on who he is. The vocal minority fighting his presidency based on racial tones are the dying embers of racism.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • No, because there are many who will not admit the President won primarily because of his vision for the future and his record.

    I talk to white people who refuse to legitimize President Obama's win. There always has to be some reason besides the fact that he is a good leader, has a great vision for our country, has done a great job considering the mess he inherited and the obstacles the Republicans have placed in his path, and his belief that all Americans deserve a chance to succeed. Yes, minorities overwhelminingly supported the President, and some no doubt voted because of race or skin color, but I believe most people supported the President's policies and vision over Romney's lack of specific policy statements or a true vision for our future. Saying the President was reelected by virtue of his race and skin color only, is not much different from saying he was not born in the U.S., he is Muslim, or he is somehow different, or as some Republicans put it, "He needs to learn how to be an American." Sadly, it boils down to white people who simply cannot accept the fact that our country is changing in terms of demographics of all sorts, and the way Americans look at issues. I am white by the way, and a proud supporter of our President!

  • Obama's election to the White House was a milestone, but nothing has changed, and things may have gotten worse.

    President Obama's election was a great moment in American history, but many in the country see it as a negative thing. Immediately after his election, gun sales went up, the Tea Party formed, and people became more vocal against the president. I feel that many white Americans did not want to see a black person as president, though many did vote for him. President Obama's election has only exposed the wound of racism more than it has healed it.

    Posted by: gwynisin
  • He shows up only when absolutely necessary and otherwise, doesn't seem to GAF

    He's made no effort to address racial issues, other than saying Trayvon Martin could be his "son". He's supposed to be a symbol of mixed race, but he's clearly identified with black people and culture overwhelmingly though he was raised by a white woman and white grandparents. He's brought trashy people into the white house and has stood by an obviously corrupt AG. Jay-Z doesn't belong in the white house. His wife doesn't seem to want to be there, and the guy has no backbone when it comes to health care or other key issues. Though he's a democrat, he's kissed up to Wall St. And Monsanto through his appointments. Really, he's starting to look like a disgrace, and I wonder what corruption we'll find out about when he's gone.

  • White people still benefit from what is known as "White Privilege"...

    Some whites (mostly your conservative types) unconsciously support anything that maintains white privilege.. not to say all these people are racist, it's just how the system is currently operating, which favors whites... having a Black president doesn't change much of this, although it is a step in the right direction...

    Until White Privilege goes away, the racial divide will not... This can only happen if all whites renounce their white privilege, and the powers that be follow suit, to create a post-racial society.

  • Racial divide

    Black Americans are blaming skin color for the reason that Non-black Americans chose to vote against Obama. In the 08 election some people did vote for him based on skin color. People today are still doing it. In the past I have never voted a straight ticket. I vote for values. This time I went straight ticket. I am getting tired of being accused of racism based on my skin color and the fact that I voted against Obama. I have white skin but I am 1/4 Hispanic, ad have a Colombian mixed grandchild, Hispanic nieces and nephews, as well as black nieces.

    Posted by: KSK
  • Left wing politics is driving us apart.

    Prior to the election people were happy to see a black president. Condaleeza Rice was an excellant Secretary of State. Colin Powell was a fantastic chief of staff. This has nothing to do with race. It is the left agenda - drive us apart on racial and class lines so that it is easier to socialize the country and move us away from a Constitutional Republic.

  • Having an African-American President Has Divided Us

    Ever since Obama was elected, many people think that a white person can't vote for a African and and African can't vote for a white. In the 2012 election, there are celebrity endorsers. One of the people was Stacey Dash. She had recently supported Romney on Twitter which then led to her being flamed with many comments. Some of those were things like "ur going back to the fields!" and "u want to be a slave.." This was all because Stacey Dash is an African-American and Mitt Romney is white. This is just one example of how having a black president has divided our nation instead of uniting it. I'm saying this with all respect to President Obama, because it's not his fault the nation has its racists.

  • There is still a racial divide among people in this nation, despite the election of Barack Obama, since, for some people, racism is an inherent part of their makeup.

    The election of the inexperienced Obama was more of a fluke than anything else. People bought into catchy slogans and a younger candidate, when the opposing candidate was over 70. Race had nothing to do with his being elected, it was more about age and catchy slogans.

    Posted by: SteinCor
  • Despite the election of Barack Obama racial divisions have not been reduced.

    Barack Obama may have promised change but it is difficult, as one man cannot radically change society. Due to a number of reasons there are wide differences between black and white communities in the United States. These divisions cannot be changed over night, and will never fully disappear. In the past couple years the difference has remained the same, or gotten worse.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • If anything, in my own experience, I think it may have made the problem worse.

    I live in a small town, and grew up around racism all my life. But, since Obama came into office, and has not done what he said he was going to do, the people around here are even more racist.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung

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