Did the failure of Britain's economic recovery doom Gordon Brown's administration?

  • Brown is going down.

    Yes, in all chances it's obvious that the failure of Britain's economic recovery dooms Gordon Brown's administration and political future. The British are very fickle when it comes to their government, and they don't tolerate much in the way of disappointment. I'm sure the no confidence thing will come up soon.

  • Yes it did

    Among other things, the failure of Britain's economic recovery did doom Gordon Brown's administration. Because they were the ones in power at the time of the economic collapse, they were the ones who were blamed and held responsible. It would have happened to anyone who took power during that time.

  • People don't reelect recession leaders.

    Yes, the failure of Britain's economic recovery doom Gordon Brown's administration, because leaders who are elected and lead during recessions tend not to be reelected. A good example of this is George Bush, Sr. But the economy improved in Clinton's day, even though he was manipulating the housing market, so he got reelected. The same is true for Gordon Brown, he lost it because of the economy.

  • The failure of Britain's economic recovery doomed Gordon Brown's administration.

    After the financial crisis occurred, Gordon Brown's administration could not recover its popularity. Although the economic collapse wasn't entirely his fault, the public needed someone to take the blame. Brown was the scapegoat for this event. It was unfortunate for Brown's political career that the economic downturn happened when it did.

  • Britain is recovering

    This question is not correct in its analysis - despite what is widely reported, Britain is technically out of a recession, and has grown faster than expected in the most recent quarters. In contrast, France, who tackled their economic challenges with spending, are still having troubles, rather than Britain's austerity strategy.

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