• Disregard of People

    FIFA required the Brazilian government to pay more than 3 billion in new stadiums and stadium renovations so that they fit FIFA's 'requirements'. All the new stadiums included luxuries such as press boxes, and modern day architecture. Most of which Brazilian people had never seen, and acted as a kick in the face to those who live in poverty. The money the Brazilian government could have put in other areas was instead spent on preparation for the competition. IF any of you paid attention you would have say that the Brazilian people were not by any means all united for the world cup. Hundreds of thousands protested the World Cup, and even more made their opinions clear to the Brazilian government. FIFA walked away with more than 4 billion in revenue whilst Brazil wasn't able to make enough to cover the mass expenses undergone for the competition. Furthermore, Brazil is now left with 12 new stadiums, most of which are not currently being used. There are no club soccer teams in Brazil that have a large enough fan base to fill the stadiums, and if a club wanted to use a stadium they would have to take the debt that comes with it. Overall, the World Cup was awful for Brazil. It was much more than a 7-1 defeat.

  • Yes, the FIFA world cup caused more harm than good.

    It is due to the FIFA world cup that about 250,000 Brazilian families were evicted from their homes so to clear space and make way so that the FIFA world cup could proceed. Moreover, many incidents of violence were reported because of the FIFA world cup such as that of a fan biting off another fan's ear off just because the team he was cheering for lost. In addition to this, violence broke out between Brazilian and Argentinean fans and glass bottles were being used as missiles. I'd say the FIFA world cup has caused more harm than good.


    One of the beauties of sport is the pleasure one can derive from poring over the advance material leading up to an event. Unfortunately, perception too often proves to far outweigh reality, and sometimes, it's wise not to overindulge.

    Take the World Cup, which began in Brazil June 12, for example. If you weren't careful and simply read everything put out about the 32-nation showdown, you might be thinking, who cares about this worldwide ripoff that will devastate the home country even if it wins the tournament?

    By now, just about everyone knows what a horrible deal it can be serving as host for the one of these extravaganzas. The host of the previous World Cup, South Africa, hasn't found any use yet for the stadiums it built in 2010.

  • No, sport brings people together

    Sporting events are generally venues where people come together in support of a common cause - In the case of the World Cup, to cheer on their favourite country. Most fans are interested in the spirit of the game, the athleticism and the sportsmanship and camaraderie. Those that cause problems are generally outliers that don't represent the general population.

  • No it did not.

    The FIFA world cup did not cause more harm than good because it rallied many people. It gave people something to believe in. It connected people from all different backgrounds. It was fun and did not cause any problems for anyone. I don't think that in any way it caused any problems.

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