Did the fiscal cliff negotiations emerge with a winner?

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  • Not Really A Winner

    I do not believe the fiscal cliff negotiations really emerged with a winner. Making financial choices is always a problem, but the fiscal cliff media extravaganza really harmed the view of America in a global sense. We also defunded some programs that really needed continued support, so I think overall the whole country kind of lost.

  • No,the fiscal cliff negotiations did not emerge with a winner.

    With something like the fiscal cliff negotiations there's really no such thing as a winner.Each side has to sacrifice to a point where the people they serve are not getting what they need.The liberals are forced to sacrifice services and conservatives are forced into spending more money than they would otherwise save.

  • No, there's never a winner.

    Politics is made up of professional politicians these days who really only want to play games and juggle power. So fiscal cliff negotiations were like any other power play in that they kept things going for a while, scared a lot of people, and now the system is going on as usual.

  • No, they didn't

    The "negotiations" only further proved the GOP doesn't care about this country and are more than willing to sink it for their own selfish purposes. On the other side, it showed an inability by democrats to put their foot down and get things moving forward when one group is being a bunch of whiny children about it. It only further drove home what we already thought about both parties.

  • No one won the fiscal cliff negotiations, especially the American people

    The fiscal cliff negotiations was one of the worst political tactics ever devised of. All it did was cause millions, if not billions of tax dollars on absolutely nothing. It didn't accomplish anything, or change anyone's mind about other political situations. Congress' job is to pay it's bills, and if it can't do that, then we need to vote people in that can.

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