• First of all, I'm not saying that the government did,

    I'm just saying that it is a plausible situation, and that it is not illogical to think that they may have.

    There was this episode on PBS called "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out". It was mainly a product of many prominent architects, which is more reliable than most conspiracy theorists.

    They provide some pretty convincing evidence:
    1. The incident (9/11) lead to a multitude of events that could be said to be strange. Such as the wars in oil rich Middle East, the Patriot Act, etc.
    2. Given the mind set of Cheney and such, it's not completely impossible.
    3. The way that the building collapsed and the remains found do not coincide with what should have happened under the situation.

    I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'm thinking this not not completely crazy.

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  • Government did 9/11

    This government did 9/11 because we are so overpopulated the ratio is three to one for every square mile. Especially in the state of NJ because there are so many job opportunities. Osama Bin Laden is fake he was made up in order for the U.S. To blame 9/11 on somebody. In every picture that you see of him when the years were going by it looks as though he was getting younger. Think of all the other things in the U.S. That goes unknown from the public. For all of the people who think that "Oh no the terrorists done 9/11" think again because this country is so overwhelmed by camera monitoring on your phones, tablets, computers,etc. That you should think twice before trusting this country. And for the people who agree with me that 9/11 happened because of the government I should praise you for opening your eyes and seeing the truth. But once agian for the people who believe that 9/11 was because of the terrorists please listen to what i have to say, two "POLICEMEN" " FOUND" the "TERRORISTS" "PASSPORTS" on the ground after they hit into the Twin Towers. So tell me this how would a fucking passport find its way out of the "TERRORISTS" pants survive a plane crash by a miracle, and finally survive; what did the government say the heat temperature was, about 1000 to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit fire. I would think that there would be no "PASSPORT" by the end of all that, I mean just speaking my mind, I mean I'm not crazy or anything, so um yeah!!!!!!!!!

  • Government did 9/11

    They did this to decrease the population we are already overpopulated three to one. Especially in NJ because there are so many job opportunities. What has this world come to, we should just have purges; thats how ridiculous the dear old "Uncle Sam" is. This country is corrupt and bankrupt.

  • Intelligence Agencies Knew

    Federal Intelligence Agencies knew the 9/11 attack would happen but did not share information with each other. Why? Were there elites at the top that we're trying to cover this up and let it happen so the U.S. could invade Afghanistan in order to start up Opium production again? Or

  • I agree dude absolutely true

    It seems that the government supposedly made the investigation be dropped and there is no debris in photographs taken by eye witnesses at the pentagon and jetfuel can not burn hot enough to melt steel. Also look at the way the building fell. It was definitely an inside job. I rest my case.

  • It was a setup.

    Im just looking at the facts. Don't skim over this if you really want to know.

    1) A few days before the attacks Larry Silverstein insured the towers for 3.5 billion each.

    2) The given explanation jet fuel weakened the structure cannot be true because jet fuel burns at a 1/2 of the temperature at the weakening point of steel

    3) A 747 could not have gone as fast as shown due to simple laws of aerodynamics; also the jet engine itself cannot intake air at ground level at that speed.

    4) America needed another "Pearl Harbor" incident in order to give the masses a reason to go to war in the middle east, they wanted sterlings instead of dollars for their oil.

    5) An aircraft made of lightweight aluminum, weighing less than a thousandth of one of the towers, cannot bring a reinforced structure down to rubble. They are made to withstand earthquakes.

    I don't want to over do it. Do research and you will find more and more and more. Its time to wake up people.

  • It's in the Logic and proof.

    The World Trade Centers were too valuable. The US Government might have bombed (or let be bombed) the Pentagon, and even the Statue of Liberty... But NOT the WTC. They were an area of mass economy. Their destruction rippled across the national economy, and actually dipped the World Economy fro a while. The Government may be suspicious, but they aren't that stupid.

    Osama Bin Laden admitted to the bombing...

    Another useful source... Http://www.Debunking911.Com/pull.Htm

    What about the Pentagon? Well for starters, there were plan pieces scattered everywhere...

    The Government can fornicate reasons to go to war... They wouldn't need to bomb a economic center, dipping the economy and costing them billions.

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