• Yes, I couldn't go to a national park.

    Yes, the government shutdown affected me, because I live near a national park. There is a place I like to go within the park, and I wanted to go on a Saturday. There were barriers in front of the parking lot, with a sign saying that they were closed because of the shutdown. I had to do something else.

  • The government shutdown did not affect me, because they had a safety net of budget for most of the US populace to make sure there were no nation wide effects.

    The fact of the matter is, the government planned for something like this and kept a lot of money in the off-chance that there would be a shutdown of each particular service. I did not notice a single discrepancy in any service, and it all functioned normally in my eyes, but I am not closely tied to the government in any form for my benefits, and payments alongside of that.

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