Did the Holocaust actually happen as normally described?

Asked by: JonathanDJ
  • The mainstream report of the events occurring between 1941-1945 is substantially correct.

    When we consider the witnesses like Polish civilians who are known for being anti-Semitic therefore unlikely to lie in order to help the Jews, former SS men testifying later in life who have no known reason to lie, and Jewish survivors this is powerful evidence for the reality of the Holocaust. Other issues such as what happened to the 3.5 million Jews that once lived in Poland? Why did the SS go to the trouble of blowing up the Crematoriums as the Red army approached if all they were were mortuaries and crematoriums.

  • Sure it did.

    The holocaust killed millions of people. Jews, Bolsheviks, Gypsy's, homosexuals, etc. This was one of the largest crimes in history. The holocaust killed as many people as are normally described. The holocaust killed millions of people. Jews, Bolsheviks, Gypsy's, homosexuals, etc. This was one of the largest crimes in history. The holocaust killed as many people as are normally described.

  • There is too much evidence to not believe it happened that way.

    Now if it isn't 100% accurate then the inaccuracies are probably extremely insignificant. Due to the photo documentations, the first-person accounts, etc. it would be very unlikely that it didn't happen the way that most envision it. I would find it hard to believe that people just happened to get tens of millions of people to lie about it...

  • Yes, it did happen.

    There is definitive proof that the Holocaust actually did happen. There are many witness accounts from Holocaust survivors, former SS officers, and eyewitnesses with no reason to lie about it. Why would SS officer blow up a crematorium if it was just a crematorium? There were piles of dead Jews in the Death Camps. How could it be a hoax?

  • People experienced the holocaust

    The holocaust did happen. People say it was all a hoax - it wasn't. My Oma's (dutch for grandmother) siblings were part of the underground. They witnessed what Hitler did. I know other people whose parents were set free from the prison camps, or were the people freeing the prisoners. They were shocked. These things don't just get made up for fun, or because they want to make Hitler look bad - these things actually happened.

  • It's one of the biggest lie in the 20th century.

    Keep an open mind and watch these videos or read the books in the following site.
    Watch how they systematically disprove the so called "evidences" and watch how impossible it would've been to conduct such a "mass murder" as described by several "holocaust survivors".
    And for others who are ready to brand me "Holocaust denier", Stop being a naive idiot and start thinking.

  • Yes I do

    It's been a while since I looked into this but I think it did not go down like typically portrayed. I'm not saying it's not a tragedy, but a lot of wartime propaganda exists until this day. The 6 million jew mark is probably exxagerated, also it looks like a lot of the more famous pictures of the holocaust have been doctored. Again not saying it's not bad just saying there is a huge difference between 6 million and 4 million jews dead.

  • Not according to my history syllabus for O -Level at school in the 60`s.

    First I heard mention of The Holocaust was a mini TV series which came out in the early 70`s. I watched it and was aghast and completely believed it was based on solid facts. It was a very well made programme with some great acting.
    However in recent years I have read a lot more on the subject pf WW11 in general history terms and have learned that what we were taught in school was patently untrue.
    We learned that it was Britain who defeated Germany with some help from the Americans. The Eastern front and what went on there was very much pushed into the background and mostly just ignored.
    I also read Winston Churchill`s massive history of WW11 and The Holocaust and gassing of Jews was not even mentioned ! Why not ? Same with Eisenhauers history no mention at all.
    Since the early 70`s The Holocaust has been endlessly repeated in books , films , the press , all over our media , again why ? Why bor as soon as WW11 ended when the "evidence " was still fresh / Those emaciated bodies we`ve all seen being ploughed into mass graves certainlly died of typhoid. Apparently the gassed victims walked off of trains and were gassed quickly after arrival at the camps , so they must have been healthy and not those awful emaciated images portrayed to us. The more I read the more I am convinced that a lot of the story we have been spoon fed over previous decades is false.

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Abnewstein says2014-01-20T16:14:19.437
Did my answer clear your doubt?
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T16:15:50.910
@Abnewstein What answer would that be?
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T16:35:56.867
The Soviets burned down the crematoria to make it look like this "germans did it in order to hide them from the invaders", thus it would create an illusion that germans were doing something sinister, or else they wouldnt burn it down. And then they reconstructed the Shower room to look like a gas chamber, thus completing their grand propaganda, that "Germans were gassing jews in the concentration camps". When in reality, the crematoria was for normal cremation of people that die of various other causes in the camps(mainly Typhus disease). And Zyklon B was used to delouse the clothes of the people.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T16:54:27.080
That doesn't even remotely make sense. If no one ever gassed people then who would ever think that a place like that would be used as a gas chamber? Please don't "Inform me" about things about the gas chambers. I know more about them than you do. When the Russians exterminated people they used firing squads or labor camps. If the Soviets wanted to pin atrocities on the Germans they would have made mock shooting areas. There would have been mountains of brass casings. They would never blow up the Crematoriums. Those would be evidence of the mass killings. If the Russians wanted to frame the Germans for gassing people then why didn't they just leave the chambers in tact and just pop can after can of Zyklon B in them to create the appearance of gassing.
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T17:17:07.067
First of all, you are assuming Russians were stupid and incapable of performing major cover-ups, which was not true.
And second,
-They found Zyklon B cans.
-They found crematoria.
-They knew Zyklon B could kill People.
-Crematoria was positioned near delousing chamber and shower room.
From the above facts, if a nation's top class military leaders couldn't come up with a plan to make Germans look bad, then i fear they are totally incapable of doing any kind of warfare.

Don't forget that Russia was the first nation to send first satellite. Without sputnik, there would be no NASA today. Russians are more intelligent than you can imagine.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T17:39:57.893
A leopard doesn't change it's spots. The Soviets didn't gas people and that is not how they would have tried to frame someone. People go with what they know. And they would never have bombed the Crematoriums if they wanted to frame the Germans with them. They would have doctored them. We should have found a bunch of gassed people in them. That would be the proper way to frame the Germans with an atrocity. I'm afraid that your own commitment to your ideology will not permit you to acknowledge the truth here. It's so obvious it could bite you on the nose and yet you continue to deny it.
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T18:20:28.950
Ok, Let's have it your way. I cannot force anyone to believe anything, i can only show them the path.
Since you presume to have a greater knowledge on the subject matter, why don't you enlighten us with your theory?
The fact that you posted such a question proves beyond a doubt that you have difficulty in believing the official story of the holocaust(as told by the victors). So what do you think is wrong with the allied propaganda?
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T18:26:50.543
And a faulty logic you apply there. Instead of trying to invent your own history, do some research.
You have so far only heard one side of the story (The victors' story). Now go read the Losers' side of the story.
Then you will know what i'm talking about.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T18:30:25.487
What? I was simply proposing what a proper conspiracy would be more likely to look like from the Soviets, not what I really think. You gave me a conspiracy theory and I discredited it by telling you what would be more likely. The Germans bombed the Crematoriums and gas chambers for the most simple reason. They wanted to get rid of the evidence of their crimes. It's the only explanation that makes sense of all the facts. They are the only ones with a motive to do so.
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T18:35:46.303
It seems that you have already made up your mind. And now you can't believe any other story because you are closed minded.
Various historians have refuted the official story of holocaust and wrote many books about it. Why don't you try reading some of them if you really want to know the alternate stories. Or If you are too lazy to read, watch the documentaries that were made based on those books. If you are not willing to do any research, then you don't deserve to know the truth. And stop making Opinion Polls if you are not interested in other people's opinions.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T19:14:48.070
I never said I wasn't interested in others opinions. I don't watch those films or read those books because frankly they frequently contain outright lies. David Irving has been caught in them so has Fred A. Leuchter. I don't need to dose my self with poison to figure out that it will make me sick. What I need is the main arguments and claims they are making so I can examine them free of the propaganda. That will do just as well as watching a film or reading a book.
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T19:59:02.323
The fact that you claim their findings as "outright lies" proves my previous accusation of you being closed minded.
Do you really believe that the Britain who participated in the orchestrated "DeNazification" would let historians to reveal the truth to the world? Don't you see what effect it would bring if the world comes to know of their lies?
It will be their downfall as well as Israel's if the world comes to know the truth.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T20:16:19.827
In my world we bring evidence of our accusations not BS dogmatic assertions and conspiracy theories. In the US we have freedom of speech. David Irving is from England. He sued Deborah E. Lipstadt not the other way around. Piss poor tyranny if there is one in England. I didn't say their findings were outright lies(as if everything they said was a lie), don't put words in my mouth, I said they contain outright lies and they got caught in them. Leuchter got nailed for perjury and Irving lost his case to Lipstadt and a part of the reason was his dishonesty. I don't just make stuff up. I have evidence. If Holocaust denial got out it would make no difference to Israel at all. The people trying to destroy her are already Holocaust deniers. Actually England dropped the ball when it came to going after Nazis. The US and Israel are the only ones who have been consistent in their pursuit and that's starting as far back as the 60's. England tried to stop Israel from coming into existence both before and after the war. First with the white papers and then with the lopsided law enforcement after the war. Israelis would do something violent the Brits were all over them, the Arabs would do something violent and the Brits would play dumb. You're theory doesn't hold up to historical scrutiny.
Abnewstein says2014-01-20T20:34:39.667
Ya right! Iran already signed NPT, whereas Israel refuses to sign it to this day. It's clear who is hiding what.
I urge you to present your evidence so everyone else can see and learn what you have learned.
This below link presents the trial from Irving's POV.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-20T20:37:10.180
What the hell is NPT?
Abnewstein says2014-01-21T03:23:53.977
NPT = Non Proliferation Treaty.
Iran openly stated that they are enriching Uranium only for their nuclear energy projects.
Whereas Israel openly stated that they would destroy the whole world with nuclear weapons if they are attacked by any country.
See Samson Option
Abnewstein says2014-01-21T03:30:26.383
And their Reasoning behind Samson option is this.
We have already suffered enough(referring to holocaust), this time we wont go down without a fight.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-21T05:34:08.410
If you believe Iran, then you are deranged. I'm through talking to you. You can never be helped or reached. You are so sick in the head and degenerate that the only cure for you is six feet under. I'm not threatening you. I'm just saying that's the only way to get rid of your BS. You are the same thing as a child molester, a serial killer, or a serial rapist.
Abnewstein says2014-01-21T10:27:12.503
Now you have shown your true color.
JonathanDJ says2014-01-21T14:58:40.050
Sorry Abnewstein, I ripped your head off. That was going too far.