Did the hunt for the Boston bombers prove the need for surveillance cameras in public places?

  • Public Surveillance can protect people from the government too

    We should make all public surveillance cameras completely publically access from the internet. That prevents abuse of the cameras and guarantees that if footage can ever be used by the defense in a court of law that this can be done. For example a cop claims to have found you vandalizing a place. There's a public surveillance camera there that shows you weren't even there and shows the cop and his girlfriend (who is your ex) vandalizing it. Everyone should get the right to watch what's going on there at the moment and in the archives. That way the cops will not be able to abuse people's rights in public and get away with it. Surveillance cameras whose footage can with a special judge's warrant be sealed for purposes such as not dispensing information that could help suspects or criminals in evading the police/committing a crime should also capture everything that goes on within police departments. Even with a seal attorneys and regular judges in civil and criminal courts should be able to see it and it becomes unsealed if the evidence is relevant for the trial, on either side, so police couldn't just abuse this sealing privilege to convict innocent people they have personal qualms with or to protect themselves from being justly prosecuted or sued for their own criminal acts or legal liabilities.

  • Yes surveillance cameras in public places are important.

    I used to think they were a violation of privacy, but now I see how helpful they can be. The use of these cameras enabled the police to get the bombers off the streets quickly. Also, with the help of innocent bystanders, I am so proud of the way Bostonians came together in a united front to protect their city. I say we should have surveillance cameras in all public venues.

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